Listening to The News – News and current affairs vocabulary

The News (news is an uncountable noun – some news, a piece of news, I have good/bad news)

a newspaper (a paper): National/local paper, Daily paper
What’s the difference between a tabloid and a broadsheet?
the gutter press – gutter = alcantarilla, canaleta – newspapers that focus on sensational journalism, usually about the lives of famous people.
phone tapping – pinchazo telefónico
reporter – periodista
headlines – titular, cabecera
foreign correspondent – corresponsal extranjero, corresponsal en el extranjero
anchorman – presentador
foreign, international news / home, national news
editor / editorial
to write a column / to write a piece (blog post)
researcher – investigador, investigadora
journalism – journalist, photo-journalist
articles – artículo
circulation (readership) – tirada
proof reader – a person who checks for errors
fact checker – a person who makes sure the facts are correct
deadline – fecha límite, fecha tope
to bury the lead
to cover a story – to report on an event or development
in-depth coverage of something – a thorough analysis of something
to verify – to check that something is correct
eyewitness reports – descriptions of what happened by people who actually saw an event take place
breaking news – news which is just coming in – noticia de última hora(news / this / reports, etc.) “just in”
“over to…+ REPORTER/PLACE”
“back to……+ REPORTER/PLACE”
link-bait ( Enlace de Internet “cebo”, “anzuelo”, destinado a atraer la atención del internauta)
hot off the press – very recent news. It’s just happened or it’s happening now!

· newsagent (UK) = vendedor/a de periódicos / newsagent’s, news-stand = quiosco de prensa
· newsreader (UK) / newscaster (USA) = presentador de noticias
· news item = noticia
· news report / newscast (USA) = programa informativo

(striving, offset, revolutionary advances, ambassadors)
The vocabulary seems difficult at first, but Words repeat frequently in news stories.

VOA Learning English:

Listen to the BBC news: The latest five minute news bulletin from BBC World Service. (On iPlayer)

How many separate news stories do you hear? What are they about? Country? City? Problem? Names of people?

The news is a good subject for small talk:

Isn’t it terrible what’s happening in Syria?
Have you heard how bad the weather is in the UK?
What about Valencia last week? Did you see the game?
Who do you think will win the election?
Where do you tend to get your news from? Blogs? Twitter? TV? Radio? Newspapers? Other people? Mobile phone apps? (BBC, Reuters)
Do you read magazines? Time? Newsweek? The Economist?

What’s your opinion on citizen journalism?
citizen journalism – a new expression describing the kind of journalism based on images,
audio and reports sent in to news groups by ordinary members of the public who witnessed events.

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