Tourist Boat Sinks in Thailand

A tourist boat sank in Thailand this month near the island of Phuket. Why did this catch my attention? Well, it wasn’t overcrowded; there were 105 passengers on board, including the crew and tourist guides. Also, it was only about 7 km from shore and, although the sea was a bit rough, the conditions weren’t considered too dangerous.
It seems incredible to me that disasters like this still happen in 2018. Many people died (the exact number has not yet been released). 27 dead bodies have been recovered and 29 people are still missing, and surely measures could have been taken to stop this happening.
The same thing happened in 2016. More than 20 people lost their lives when a tourist boat capsized near Ayutthaya.
It’s mainly the Chinese who suffer from these incidents. Chinese tourists make up the biggest number of foreign visitors to Thailand.

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