Possible answers

1. I was shocked when he came to visit me in Spain after not seeing him for 10 years.
a) He'd gone completely bald and he'd grown a big moustache.
b) He'd put on a lot of weight.

2. We were really angry at the end of our stay at the hotel in London.
a) We'd been charged nearly 250 pounds extra for room service and internet connection.
b) We'd had really bad service and the food had been disgusting.

3. When my girlfriend got home from work the other day she sat down and started crying.
a) Her boss had been really rude to her all day.
b) She'd been fired.

4. Luckily we checked the bill before we paid.
a) We'd been overcharged for the meal.
b) They'd put three things on the bill that we hadn't even ordered!

5. Pepito arrived at the meeting an hour late and completely drunk.
a) He'd been having drinks with his mates in the pub.
b) He'd gone out drinking the night before and he still hadn't sobered up.

6. My new car was badly scratched along one side and on the door.
a) Someone had scratched it with a key.
b) I'd hit a wall while reversing.

7. Tony was horrified when his girlfriend came back from the beauty salon.
a) She'd had her navel, her nose and her tongue pierced.
b) She'd had her head completely shaved.

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