5 Top Tips for a Successful Job Interview in English

1. Google the company
This may sound obvious, but it’s surprising how many candidates do not find out information about the company they’re applying to work for.
The more you know about your prospective employer, the more impressed the interviewer will be.

2. Google your name
What does the Internet say about you? What’s your image online? Make sure you remove that embarrassing YouTube video or Instagram photo of you getting drunk with your mates on holiday.
Take down any inappropriate Facebook posts and make sure your LinkedIn page is up to date.

3. Get a professional translation of your CV
As an English teacher, I’ve had to improve, correct and rewrite many CVs (by the way, CVs are called résumés in American English). A CV is often your first introduction to your employer. It gets you though the door and it’s often the difference between getting, or not getting, an interview.
Pay a professional to translate your CV from Spanish to English. It’s not expensive and you’re investing in your future. Why take the chance that the first impression the employer has of you could be a bad one?

4. Prepare your answers
Ok, so you never know exactly what you’re going to be asked in an interview, but there are some standard interview questions that you can prepare beforehand. We have a list of these common questions in our ebook and audio for Passing a Job Interview in English.

Practise answering these questions in front of a mirror, then practice with your mum, friend, sister, dog, cat and goldfish. Record your answers on your phone and listen back. How can you improve your English? Are you using good intonation? Record yourself on video to check and improve your body language and eye contact. Practice is the key and the more you practise, the more confident you will feel.

5. Prepare some good questions for the interviewer.
You may have thought of some relevant questions during the interview, but you should always have a couple extra up your sleeve:
- Why has this position become available?
- What are the main objectives and responsibilities of this position?
- What are the main challenges facing the company at the moment in the area this job position affects?
- What would a typical day be like?

There are more example questions in our ebook and audio.
Visit "Cómo preparar una entrevista de trabajo en inglés".
Remember, do all you can to prepare for your job interview in English. “If you fail to prepare, you’re preparing to fail!”

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