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I’m Pablo, a civil engineer who has moved to UK last January.

I usually hear (listen to) all ours (your) podcast (your podcasts), and I think that it is a big help in order to improve my listening and vocabulary.

In (At) this moment, I am looking for a job as (an) engineer in Cambridge or around (in/around Cambridge).

If you accept some ideas for podcast, I would like that you talk (I would like you to talk) some day about engineering.
Perhaps, this topic is not too general in terms of vocabulary but is only an idea!! haha!

I think you are doing a very good job with the podcasts, I hope to continue hearing it (listening to them)!

Thank you for your time.
Definition: Civil engineering is a professional engineering discipline that deals with the design, construction, and maintenance of the physical and naturally built environment,
including works like roads, bridges, canals, dams and buildings.

Oxford Dictionary

English For Engineering


crane – grúa (grúa can also be a towtruck)
ditch – zanja, cuneta, acequia (to ditch something/someone – deshacerse de – “My bag was too heavy, so I ditched some clothes.”
to drain/a drain (drainage) – desague
sewer – alcantarillado
overflow – derramarse, rebosar
a bridge – puente (to bridge differences of opinion) – ‘Don’t burn your bridges!’
to/a dam – presa
steel – acero (stainless steel – acero inoxidable)
iron – hierro (to iron = planchar)
concrete – hormigón
to cement /(some) cement (uncountable noun) – cemento – ‘to cement a relationship’
brick – ladrillo, de ladrillo
to tarmac/(some) tarmac (uncountable noun) – asfalto
scaffolding – andamio/s, andamiaje
pavement (UK) sidewalk (US) – acera, pavimento (andén LaAm.)
to pave
blueprint – heliografía, cianográfica, anteproyecto
survey (of a house) – examen, inspección “to carry out/conduct a survey” (to survey – evaluar, valorar, inspeccionar) a surveyor

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