Let’s go to a Museum!

The only time I ever want to hear that suggestion is if it’s raining and there’s absolutely nothing else to do.
I hate museums. They’re so boring! Rooms and rooms of glass cases full of old broken objects and senseless artifacts.
Whenever I’ve been to a museum it was because someone else suggested it or made the decision for me. My dad, my school, some guide book or the leader of a guided city tour.
Even interactive museums are rubbish. Most of the exhibits don’t work and the ones that do don’t actually do much.
It’s rare that a single exhibit will hold my attention for more than 5 seconds and after being inside a museum for 15 minutes my mind goes numb and I wander around like a zombie from glass case to glass case reading printed cards that I never remember once I’ve left.
I’m sure there are people out there who disagree with me, but surely, we should be spending more public money on parks, cycle lanes and places for children to play safely.

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