Vocabulary revision from episode 28:

to cut = cortar
to copy = copiar
to paste = pegar
to print = imprimir
to delete = borrar (to erase (US) / to rub out (UK) – eraser / rubber = goma
file = archivo
folder = carpeta (moqueta = carpet)
save as = guardar como
to select = seleccionar
to insert = insertar
to compress = comprimir
to search = buscar

New vocabulary:

What’s the difference between device/gadget/appliance?
Inspector Gadget: Magic Gadget
to turn on/off, to download, to plug in/unplug, a plug, a network, to network, a desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile device, WiFi (pron)
hard disc
pen drive/ USB
storage space
to defragment
to format
to scan (for viruses)
to back up/make a back-up (copy)
to burn (onto a disc, etc.)
to boot up
to reboot/restart
operating system
zip file
caps lock


What’s your favourite piece of tech?
Is there anything you’re saving up for?
Why do some people dislike technology?
How has technology affected the way we relate to one another?
At what age should a child have their own phone?
In which area has tech benefited most? travel, education, health, communication, military
What will these areas look like 50 years from now?

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