A Day in the Life of a Bus Driver

I get up at 6 o'clock and I have breakfast. I usually have cereal and a cup of coffee.
While I’m having breakfast, I look at my phone to see the news and weather and I check my messages on social media.
At 6.30 I leave my flat and drive to the bus station.
I work until 10.30 and then I have a break. I usually have a really big sandwich and a Coke.
I go back to work again and drive my bus until lunchtime. After lunch I work again and finish the day at 4.30. I’m really tired when I finally get home at 5pm.
In the evening, I spend time with friends. Sometimes we watch a football match on TV or go to a bar to have a few beers.
I don’t go to bed late because I have to wake up early in the morning. I’m usually in bed no later than 11pm.

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