Driving to Paris – and nearly dying!

“Wake up, Danny!” I screamed as the car hit the central strip of the motorway and veered out of control. The front of the car bounced as it landed back on the road and Danny opened his eyes just in time to get the car back under control and avoid a serious, and possibly fatal, accident.
We were driving back to the UK after spending a long weekend Paris. A weekend of heavy drinking and little sleep. I knew it would be a mistake to let Danny drive, but my eyes were closing at the wheel and it seemed the only option. Luckily, there were no cars immediately behind us and we were able to pull into a service station so that I could take the wheel again.
The reason for our tiredness was two-nights and three days of non-stop partying in the French capital. I was working in a College at the time, and my mum had given me her car to use while I was there. Danny came to visit me from the US for a week and we had decided to do a road trip to Paris.
We’d left the car on the outskirts of Paris and took the metro into the centre to avoid dealing with the traffic. We checked into a cheap hostel and immediately hit the bars and the night clubs with some girls who were staying at the same hostel.
It was an unforgettable weekend. Not only because of the wonderful time we had in Paris, but also because of our good fortune on the way home. The trip could have ended in disaster if luck hadn’t been on our side.

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