forest / wood – bosque
lake – lago
lagoon – laguna
wildlife – vida salvaje, fauna
lough (Ireland) / loch (Scotland) = lake
river – río
to flow – fluir
stream – riachuelo
hill – colina – hilly (adjective)
mountain – montaña / mountainous – montañoso/a
gorge – garganta, desfiladero
valley – valle
landscape – panorama , paisaje
scenery – paisaje, vista
view – vista
wild, wildlife
farm, farming, farmer – granjero
crops – cultivo
fields – campos
harvest – cosecha
to irrigate – irrigar
to live off the land – vivir de la tierra
to plant/sow – sembrar
seeds – semillas
to plough – arar
country bumpkin – paleto, (campesino)
city slicker – urbanita
city V country dweller
to dwell – vivir
to go trekking
the countryside, the country – el campo
rural areas – zonas rurales
pollution – contaminación
recycling – reciclaje / recyclable – reciclable
to be/go green
eco-friendly = environmentally friendly = green
pest – peste, pesado/a
pesticides, insecticides
produce – productos agrícolas
organic farming/food/production/produce
nature conservation
protected area, nature reserve
GM farming/food/produce
bland – soso
“the birds and the bees”
pollinate – pollination
“Let nature take its course”
Mother Nature

Discussion questions:

Should we worry so much about environmental protection at the cost of not exploiting useful natural resources?
How in tune with nature are you?
How important is sustainable farming to you?
What do you think about GM?
Albert Einstein is famously supposed to have claimed that if bees disappeared off the face of the earth, the human race would consequently also disappear within 4 years.
Reza believes bees are more important than humans for the survival of Earth. (He isn’t joking.) Do you agree/disagree?
Reza believes humans are the only creatures that commit senseless acts which destroy nature and our environment. We are our own worst enemy. What do you think?

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