Creative Writing Course

I decided to do the course because my aunt, who's a blogger, advised me to do it. I had already heard how good the course was by following some profession writer and authors on Twitter.
On the first day we had to do some tasks that I just couldn’t get my head around. How can you write only sixty words about the tragedy of a fire that kills over 300 people? Other groups had to write about floods, earthquakes and other natural disasters.
Our instructor on the course, Jim, is an amazing guy. Not only is he a very talented journalist who has worked on several national newspapers, but he has also written several successful novels and he’s an international speaker on poetry. But his most notable accomplishment is winning an Oscar for best screenplay.
During the course, we did a lot of group work. You know, brainstorming ideas and writing as a team and collaborating on articles. I found that I work better that way than writing on my own with a blank screen in front of me!

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