When did you get your hair cut?

Reza didn’t cut his hair. Someone cut it for him.

Causative – have/get + object + past participle

He had/got his hair (object) cut (past participle)

Change to the causative:
She didn’t pierce her nose herself, she had her nose pierced.
He didn’t paint his flat (himself)…he had his flat painted.
We won’t cook our meals…We’ll have our meals cooked
They didn’t repair their washing machine….They had their washing machine repaired
I didn’t alter my suit……. (to take up the trousers/sleeves) – I had my suit altered.
She didn’t clean her flat….She had her flat cleaned.
He doesn’t service his car…He has his car serviced.
I didn’t fix my computer….I had my computer fixed.
You aren’t taking your own blood pressure…You’re having your blood pressure taken.
He didn’t frame that picture himself….he got that picture framed.
He didn’t fill his tooth himself….He got his tooth filled.
She wasn’t cleaning that rug…..She was having that rug cleaned.
We ourselves hadn’t checked the gas installation…We’d had the gas installation checked.
I haven’t revoked my own driving licence…I’ve had my driving licence revoked.
I wouldn’t examine my injury…I’d have my injury examined.


When was the last time you had your photo taken?
Can you have your blood pressure taken in a pharmacy in your country?
Would you ever consider having a tattoo done?
What are the advantages of having your head completely shaved?
Should we have our bags searched on all public transport for security reasons?
How often do you get your hair cut?
Did you have your tonsils (=amígdalas) taken out (when you were a child)?
Have you ever thought about getting your ear pierced?
Have you ever had your wallet/purse stolen?
Have you ever had your inside leg measured?
Have you ever had your palm read/fortune told?

Will Reza ever finally get his flat done up (to do up – reformar)?

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