Too and Enough

too – demasiado
enough – no bastante
Reza’s TOO poor to buy designer clothes.

Designer clothes are TOO EXPENSIVE. (TOO + ADJECTIVE)

Reza doesn’t have ENOUGH MONEY. (ENOUGH + NOUN)

TOO goes before an adjective or an adverb. ‘It’s too expensive’ / ‘She speaks too quickly.’
ENOUGH goes before the noun. – ‘I don’t have enough money.’

ENOUGH goes after adjectives – ‘Are you warm enough?’ / ‘Is your coffee strong enough?’

ENOUGH often goes with the negative NOT. ‘I’m NOT warm ENOUGH.’

You can use ENOUGH AFTER a verb – ‘Podcasters do NOT get paid ENOUGH money.’ / ‘You’re NOT studying ENOUGH.’


Religious (noun) – a religious person
Christian religion – Catholics and Protestants
Greek Orthodox
Jews follow the Jewish religion called Judaism.
Muslims (Moslem) follow the Islamic religion called Islam.
If you are a religious person, you have faith.
to pray – rezar
Hindus pray in a temple
Jews pray in a temple (US) / Synagogue (UK)
Hindus follow hinduism
Buddhists follow Buddhism
Agnostic – Does not know if there is a God or not.
Atheist – Does not believe in God.
Christians pray in a church
Muslims pray in a mosque
Buddhists pray in a temple
Sikhs wear a turban on their heads
A catholic priest (priest – cura, sacerdote)
vicar (in the Anglican church) – pastor, vicario
monk – monje – monks live in a monastery
nun – monja – nuns live in a convent
to take a vow of silence – voto de silencio
holy – santo

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