A Microwave Oven

Hello is that the kitchen department?
Oh hello. Yes, I wonder if you can help me. My wife and I bought a microwave from you last Tuesday and we’re not happy with it. I’d like to bring it back and change it.
First of all, the light doesn’t work. There’s a light inside the microwave but it doesn’t come on. Also, the door doesn’t close properly.
We’d like to change it for another model. The more expensive one.
Yes, I’ve got the receipt. Erm….just a second I’ll check on the box. It’s the Super XL100 model. We want to change it for the XL500.
Can you tell me the price of that model? 80 euros. Ok. So, I need to pay 35 euros more.
Ok. Great. I’ll see you this afternoon then. Thanks a lot. Bye!

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