Johan Vega Chaverri send us a voice message about the prepositions out, up, of and off

There are many different uses and this is a difficult area to explain. There aren’t any rules and you need to learn the collocations of these prepositions with verbs, nouns, adjectives etc.
Here are some common uses:

go out – Reza didn’t go out last night, he stayed in.
walk out (the room, the door)
fall out (with)
to be out – He/she’s out (He/she’s not here)
I’m out of milk, biscuits (I don’t have any)

Out it often used with ‘of’
out of touch
out of town
out of the way
out of bounds (fuera del límite)
out of date
out of sight (“out of sight, out of mind”)
out of touch

jump up
look up
dig up
speak up
get up (to work out – to do exercise)
to wake up
put up (with)
go up
pick up
to ‘man up’ to be a man
time’s up! = finished

The secret of improving your English is constant and varied practice.
The highlight of this podcast is the end.
The first page of the book describes the author’s profile.
I always dreamed of being rich and famous.

I got married in the summer of 2000.
This is a picture of my dog.
I got a discount of 15 percent.

I’ve had three cups of coffee this morning.
A large number of people went to the demonstration.
I had only four hours of sleep during the last two days.

Word – uses of ‘of’:

There are lots of different uses of ‘off’ here are some of them:

Difference in pronunciation between ‘of’ and ‘off’

I’m off now – I’m going/leaving
Does this milk smell off to you? Fish goes off quickly in August
set off
take off
turn/switch off
get some money off (discount)
He/she’s off sick – take time off work
finish off the wine
sleep off a hangover

There are many uses of prepositions. Learn them one by one and don’t stress OUT!

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