1. A person who doesn’t like to meet and spend time with other people is unsociable.
2. He’s 43 years old and behaves like a child. He’s so immature.
3. I like trekking, skiing, climbing and exploring different countries, but my wife only wants to sit next to a swimming pool all day. She’s so unadventurous.
4. The waiter will bring your dessert in a moment, darling. Don’t be so impatient.
5. It takes me such a long time to make up my mind whenever I go shopping. I’m so indecisive.
6. Don’t believe a word he says. He never tells the truth and he cannot be trusted. He’s so dishonest.
7. You left your wallet on the table outside, and went inside the café to go to the toilet! That wasn’t very sensible was it? I’m not surprised it was stolen.

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