We’re going to help you improve your collocations with the verbs keep, save and go.

KEEP (guardar, conservar)

“Don’t drink all the water. We need to keep some for tomorrow.”
Quedarse con – “I’ve decided to keep this microphone and not return it to the shop.”
Guardar, almacenar – “Where do you keep the sugar?’
Criar – “My aunt Mary has kept bees for over forty years.”
Seguir (continue) – ‘He kept working until six o’clock.’ / ‘Keep walking until you get to the beach.’

keep a promise (make and break)
keep a secret – Are you good or bad at keeping secrets?
keep an appointment (make and cancel)
keep calm (and carry on) – mantener la calma / tranquilizarse
keep in touch (with) – seguir en contacto / get in touch
Keep in mind – no olvidar, tener en cuenta
keep quiet
keep the change
keep it real! – ¡sé sincero!
keep your chin up
keep taking the tablets!
keep your nose out of someone’s business
keep your hair on! = Don’t get angry!
keep well out of it/something

save money
save someone a seat – Would you mind saving me a seat? / Would you like me to save you a seat?
save someone’s life
save space – that’s very important in my flat
save time
save someone the trouble
save something to the hard disk/a USB

go somewhere physically – go to the supermarket (remember the preposition TO – Have you been to Paris?), go abroad / overseas
go jogging, skiing, sailing, snowboarding, trekking, fishing etc
go bald – quedarse calvo
go grey – encanecerse
go out of business / go bankrupt – ir a la quiebra, bancarrota
go blind – ciego/a , deaf – sordo/a
go crazy / mad – He’s gone completely mad!
go wild – enloquecer
go dark – oscurecer
go missing – My phone’s gone missing
go online – I’ll just go online and check my emails
go to war – Would you go to war to defend your country?

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