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 Vicky Van
Victoria Van Allen was the name she signed to her letters and to her cheques, but Vicky Van, as her friends called her, was signed all over her captivating personality, from the top of her dainty, tossing head to the tips of her dainty, dancing feet.
I liked her from the first, and if her “small and earlies” were said to be so called because they were timed by the small and early numerals on the clock dial, and if her “little” bridge games kept in active circulation a goodly share of our country’s legal tender, those things are not crimes.
I lived in one of the polite sections of New York City, up among the East Sixties, and at the insistence of my sister and aunt, who lived with me, our home was near enough the great boulevard to be designated by that enviable phrase, “Just off Fifth Avenue.” We were on the north side of the street, and, nearer to the Avenue, on the south side, was the home of Vicky Van.
Before I knew the girl, I saw her a few times, at long intervals, on the steps of her house, or entering her little car, and half-consciously I noted her charm and her evident zest of life.
Later, when a club friend offered to take me there to call, I accepted gladly, and as I have said, I liked her from the first...

 Diamond Pin
“Well, go to church then, and I hope to goodness you’ll come back in a more spiritual frame of mind! Though how you can feel spiritual in that flibbertigibbet dress is more than I know! An actress, indeed! No mummers’ masks have ever blotted the scutcheon of my family tree. The Clydes were decent, God-fearing people, and I don’t propose, Miss, that you shall disgrace the name.”
Ursula Pell shook her good-looking gray head and glowered at her pretty niece, who was getting into a comfortable though not elaborate motor car.
“I know you didn’t propose it, Aunt Ursula,” returned the smiling girl, “I thought up the scheme myself, and I decline to let you have credit of its origin.”
“Discredit, you mean,” and Mrs. Pell sniffed haughtily. “Here’s some money for the contribution plate. Iris; see that you put it in, and don’t appropriate it yourself.”
The slender, aristocratic old hand, half covered by a falling lace frill, dropped a coin into Iris’ out-held palm, and the girl perceived it was one cent.
She looked at her aunt in amazement, for Mrs. Pell was a millionaire; then, thinking better of her impulse to voice an indignant protest, Iris got into the car. Immediately, she saw a dollar bill on the seat beside her and she knew that was for the contribution plate, and the penny was a joke of her aunt’s...



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