Phrasal Verbs with TAKE and GET


Take off (clothes) Doctor: “Take your shirt off, please.” “Please take off your shoes before you go inside.”
(despegar) “What time does your plane take off?”
Take off (a person, to impersonate) “Can you take off Donald Trump?”
(when a business or career is successful) “Our podcast has really taken off this year.”
(to leave) “What time are you taking off today?”, (take time off) “I’m taking a couple of days off work.”

Take up (accept an offer) “Not many students wanted to take up the offer of free classes at 7 o’clock in the morning.”
(occupy) “Craig’s Mickey Mouse memorabilia takes up a lot of space in his bedroom.“ “Podcasting takes up a lot of time.”
(start doing) Take up a hobby.

Take on (employ new people): “Our company’s expanding and we’re going to take on more employees.” / (engañar) “You were taken on with that car.
It’s not worth 4,000 euros.” / (challenge/fight/compete against) “Although Goliath was a giant, David took him on and won.” “Who are valencia taking on next week?”

Take over a business (take control). Also a noun “There’s been a take over.” “When my sister comes to visit she always takes over.”
“Who will take over from the current President in the next elections?”

Take out (sacar, to remove from a place) “Craig suspiciously took out a huge bar of dark chocolate from his briefcase.”
(salir con alguien) “I’m taking out a girl from work on Friday. I’m taking her out for dinner.”

Take down (to write on paper, to dismantle/remove) “Take this down.” = “Write this on paper” / “We’re taking down the light in our dining room.”

Take back (to return) “This camera is too complicated for me. I’m taking it back to the shop for a refund.”
(admit saying something wrong) “I wrongly accused Jack of cheating. I’m sorry and I take it back.”

Take after (resemble, parecerse a) “Mary has a big nose, just like her mother. Mary takes after her mother.” “I take after my dad.”

Take in (comprehend, understand) “Susan was very attentive to my story. She took in every detail.” “I listened to his presentation, but I couldn’t take anything in.”
(make clothes smaller) “I need to take this jacket in. It’s too baggy.”

Take up (make shorter) “If your trousers are too long, you take them up.”


get up (levantarse) “What time did you get up this morning?”

get over (recover from) “It takes time to get over a serious illness/divorce.” “It can take time to get over a relationship.”

get by (arreglarse) “Do you think you’ll be able to get by on a Spanish pension?”

get away (go on holiday, escapar, fugarse) “She likes to get away at Easter, if she can.” “We’re hoping to get away for a few days to visit Mamen in Huesca.”

Get away with (escape unpunished) “The robber tried to get away with the crime, but the police caught her.” “I wonder if I can get away with not paying my taxes this year.”

Get on (subir) “We got on the bus/bikes and departed/left.”

Get on with (continue without delay) “Stop telling silly jokes and get on with the podcast, Reza!”

Get on/along with sb (llevarse bien con) “I get along very well with my sister.” “Angeles doesn’t get on very well with my mum.” “Craig and Reza get along/on like a house on fire.”

Get out (salir, escapar) “Get out!” – ¡Fuera de aquí! “Get out of the way!” – ¡Apártate!, “Have you ever thought of getting out of teaching?”

Get out of (avoid doing something) “Tom always gets out of paying for anything. He’s very stingy.”

Get into (meterse en) “I got into a taxi and came straight home.”
(engancharse con) “I’ve recently got into making videos for Facebook.”

Get around (moverse, desplazarse) “It’s quite easy to get around the centre of Valencia.”

Get down (desanimar, depress) “Is anything getting you down?”

“Rainy days and Mondays always get me down,” said Karen Carpinter.

Get down to (to begin something seriously) “Shall we get down to business, ladies and gentlemen?” “Let’s get down to it.”

Get across (communicate something) “We try hard to get our points across to you, dear listeners!”

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