The Mansion Ingles

Good afternoon, everybody, and welcome to this virtual tour of the Mansion Ingles.
Here in the entrance, you can see many different activities.
In this area we have free courses at four different levels.
All courses have audio and interactive exercises.
In the next section you can see our grammar area with explanations in English and
Moving on we have our vocabulary section with more than 2000 words in vocabulary
On the left you can see our online store, and below that, on the right, we have our
listening section which has three different levels.
In our ebook section, you can download 100 books for free.
Our website is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Enjoy your visit!

Consulta nuestros Recursos Gratuitos
de Audio en inglés

Distintos Niveles. Con Trascripción completa

*Si te ha resultado difícil el ejercicio o
quieres practicar más dispones de más
Ejercicios de Listening de nivel Básico.






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