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What are these relationships? Choose the correct word.
¿Qué son las siguientes relaciones?
Elige la palabra correcta para cada imagen.

a) father and son
b) boyfriend and girlfriend

c) brother and uncle
  a) mother and daughter
b) father and son

c) grandfather and brother
  a) grandmother and granddaughter
b) grandfather and grandson

c) aunt and uncle
  a) sick
b) embarrassed

c) pregnant
  a) husband and wife
b) brother and sister

c) aunt and uncle

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Choose the best word to complete each sentence.


1. I used to a really attractive a girl called Karen who worked in my office, so one day I asked her out for a drink.
2. I’d been going out with Karen for a year when I decided to buy her a diamond engagement ring. I took her to an expensive restaurant and to her. She said yes, and six months later Karen and I got married.
3. The wedding was wonderful, and after we went to Indonesia for our .
4. About a year after the wedding I discovered that Karen was having with my best friend.
5. I was devastated and immediately with her and got a divorce.

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Choose the best word or phrase for each sentence.


1. Although Pepito and Carmen no longer love each other, they’ve decided to stay together the children.
2. Unfortunately, they’ve been getting on really badly and their relationship is .
3. I into her eyes and told her I loved her.
4. Our eyes met in a crowded room and it was love .
5. I asked that attractive new secretary out for a drink last week, but she turned me .
6. I’ve been having problems with my girlfriend lately, so yesterday we decided to sit down and have talk about our relationship.

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  Family Relationships

mother = madre
father = padre
sister = hermana
brother = hermano
son = hijo
daughter = hija
parents = padres
aunt = tía
uncle = tío
cousin = primo / prima
grandchild = nieto / nieta
granddaughter / grandson = nieta / nieto
grandfather / grandmother = abuelo / abuela
grandparent (s) = abuelo / abuela
great-grandfather = bisabuelo
great-grandmother = bisabuela
in-laws = familia política, suegros
son-in law = yerno
daughter-in-law = nuera
niece = sobrina
nephew = sobrino
step-father = padrastro
step-daughter = hijastra
twin = gemelo

  Marital Relationships

husband = marido
wife = esposa
divorced = divorciado / divorciada
engaged = prometido / prometida
married = casado / casada
separated = separado / separada
single = soltero / soltera
widow = viuda
widower = viudo

  Relationships - Verbs

to get divorced (from) = divorciarse (de)
to get engaged (to) = prometerse con
to get married (to) = casarse (con)
to get on (well) with someone = llevarse bien (con)

  Other Related Vocabulary

acquaintance = conocido / conocida
boss = jefe / jefa
colleague = compañero / compañera (de trabajo)
employee = empleado / empleada
employer = empleador / empleadora, patrón / patrona
fiancé = (masc.) prometido
fiancée = (fem.) novia, prometido
friend = amigo /amiga
best friend = mejor amigo / mejor amiga
neighbour = vecino / vecina
partner = compañero / compañera, pareja, socio / socia


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