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Si necesitas reforzar tu inglés, recuerda que en MANSIONINGLES dispones de un completo Curso de Inglés Multimedia Gratuito con varios niveles. ¿Quieres conocer cual es tu nivel actual? Realiza nuestra prueba de nivel y saldrás de dudas en solo unos minutos.

Elige el contrario de cada uno de los adjetivos de la siguiente lista de palabras.


  1. hot   a) nice   b) good   c) big   d) cold  
  2. black   a) horrible   b) white   c) cheap   d) ugly  
  3. big   a) bad   b) cheap   c) small   d) cold  
  4. good   a) hot   b) beautiful   c) bad   d) ugly  
  5. expensive   a) beautiful   b) cheap   c) fat   d) small  
  6. nice   a) horrible   b) good   c) white   d) sexy  

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Choose the opposite from the options a-d.


1. smooth   a) high   b) rough   c) shy   d) narrow
2. far   a) clumsy   b) baggy   c) tender   d) near
3. shallow   a) crispy   b) wide   c) deep   d) hard
4. many   a) lot   b) little   c) tiny   d) few
5. loose   a) tight   b) baggy   c) clumsy   d) find
6. wide   a) broad   b) narrow   c) deep   d) shallow

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Choose the opposite from the options a-d.


1. curved   a) abnormal   b) straight   c) uncanny   d) drab
2. enlarge   a) diminish   b) condense   c) detest   d) fake
3. forget   a) recall   b) flee   c) fidget   d) restore
4. cover   a) abandon   b) expose   c) flourish   d) heal
5. impolite   a) clumsy   b) resentful   c) hazy   d) courteous
6. circulate   a) confess   b) harass   c) block   d) shuffle

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Click on the sentence to listen and answer the questions.

  - Circus: Some Agree It Is the 'Greatest Show on Earth'. <--- click to listen

1. The word “circus” comes from
a) Latin
b) Greek
c) Roman

2. The “Big Top” is
a) a tent
b) an acrobat
c) a clown

3. How many rings does the circus often have these days?
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3

4. If you “clown around” you
a) are serious
b) play tricks and make jokes
c) play with animals

5. Which of the following do clowns NOT usually have
a) big red noses
b) very large clothes
c) suits, ties and briefcases
d) painted faces

6. One of the most popular animals in P.T. Barnham’s circus was
a) a horse
b) an elephant
c) a dog

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 *(puedes encontrar más listenings para practicar en varios niveles en nuestra web)


• situated, placed, or lying face to face with something else or each other, or in corresponding positions with relation to an intervening line, space, or thing: opposite ends of a room.
• contrary or radically different in some respect common to both, as in nature, qualities, direction, result, or significance; opposed: opposite sides in a controversy; opposite directions.
• being the other of two related or corresponding things: friendly with many members of the opposite sex.

• a person or thing that is opposite or contrary.
• an antonym.

• across from; facing: “A beautiful girl sat opposite me on the train.”
• in a film or play. A role parallel or complementary to: He has played opposite Nicole Kidman.

• on opposite sides.
• on the opposite side: I was at one end and she sat opposite.
• to the opposite side; in the opposite direction: I went to the right side, and he went opposite.

Related forms
• op-po-site-ly, adverb
• op-po-site-ness, noun

1. facing. 2. incompatible, irreconcilable, unlike, differing.

Antonyms :
same, like.

  More Vocabulary

Some easy opposites…
 big – little
 cheap – expensive
 clean – dirty
 easy – difficult
 fast – slow
 fat – thin
 full – empty
 happy – sad
 hard – easy
 heavy – light
 here – there
 high – low
 in – out
 inside – outside
 light – dark
 long – short
 new – old
 rich – poor
 right – left
 right – wrong
 safe – dangerous
 single – married
 soft – hard
 strong – weak
 tall – short
 thick – thin
 warm – cool
 wet – dry
 young - old
  A little more difficult…
 absence - presence
 accept - refuse
 alive - dead
 admit - deny
 attractive - repulsive
 asleep - awake
 ally - enemy
 blunt - sharp
 blame - praise
 bless - curse
 bitter/sour - sweet
 bright - dull
 cellar - attic
 cruel - kind
 dusk - dawn
 economise - waste
 encourage - discourage
 excited - calm
 foolish - wise
 frequent - seldom
 fresh - stale
 full - empty
 generous - mean
 gather - distribute
 gloomy - cheerful
 guest - host
 heavy - light
 height - depth
 hero - coward
 inhale - exhale
 join - separate
 knowledge - ignorance
 laugh - cry
 lender - borrower
 lengthen - shorten
 loud - soft
 mad - sane
 poverty - wealth
 powerful - feeble, weak
 serious - trivial
 second-hand - new
 solid - liquid
 sober - drunk
 sorrow - joy
 tame - wild
 vacant - occupied
 victory - defeat
 virtue - vice
 voluntary - compulsory


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