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· PRACTICA INGLÉS EN TU NIVEL. Nuevos ejercicios cada mes. HOUSEWORK (El trabajo doméstico)

Si necesitas reforzar tu inglés, recuerda que en MANSIONINGLES dispones de un completo Curso de Inglés Multimedia Gratuito con varios niveles. ¿Quieres conocer cual es tu nivel actual? Realiza nuestra prueba de nivel y saldrás de dudas en solo unos minutos.

¿Qué son las siguientes palabras en inglés relacionadas con el trabajo doméstico?. Elige la traducción correcta para cada término.
(Si estás empezando a aprender inglés nuestro Pack de ahorro Básico puede ayudarte. Lleva un regalo incorporado y no tiene gastos de envío.)

a) broom
b) bucket
c) iron
  a) vacuum cleaner
b) mop
c) broom
  a) broom
b) iron
c) cloth
  a) cloth
b) iron
c) brush
  a) ironing board
b) dust pan
c) rubbish bin
  a) rubbish bin
b) dust pan
c) ironing board

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Choose "make" or "do" to complete each sentence.
(Si quieres mejorar en tu inglés nuestro Pack de ahorro Avanzado puede ayudarte. Lleva un regalo incorporado y no tiene gastos de envío.)

1. I think I’ll a cup of tea. Do you fancy one?
2. How many times have I told you to your bed when you get up in the morning?
3. I hate the ironing. I just don’t have the patience.
4. When are you going to the shopping? We’ve run out of beer again!
5. Do you think I should a cake for Pepe’s birthday?
6. You can play with Samantha in your bedroom, but don’t a mess.
7. I think I’ll a bit of gardening if it’s sunny tomorrow.
8. It’s your turn to the washing up. I it yesterday.
9. Why don’t you clear the table and I’ll lunch. I’m starving!
10.Can you me a favour? I need to borrow your car to move a few boxes.

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Match the sentences.
(Si quieres mejorar en tu inglés nuestro Pack de ahorro Avanzado puede ayudarte. Lleva un regalo incorporado y no tiene gastos de envío.)

1. I must get the vacuum cleaner fixed.
2. The garden’s in a bit of a state.
3. The plug on this iron is loose.
4. The front door looks terrible.
5. We’ve been here for ten years now.
6. Look at the state of this bath.

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El podcasting consiste en archivos de sonido (usualmente en formato mp3) que pueden descargarse de Internet para escucharlos en el momento que se quiera, generalmente en un reproductor portátil.
Puedes reproducir directamente o descargar el podcast de este mes desde este enlace.

 *(puedes encontrar listenings para practicar en varios niveles en nuestra web)


Fijate en la diferencia entre Housework y Homework

- Housework
 The work of keeping a house clean and tidy:
I hate doing housework.

- Homework
 Work which teachers give their students to do at home:
You can't watch TV until you've done your homework.

  ... More Vocabulary ...

housewife = ama de casa
garbage/trash (US), rubbish (UK) = basura
garbage/trash can (US), rubbish bin (UK) = basurero
to clean = limpiar
dust = polvo
to dust = quitar el polvo
dustcloth (US), duster (UK) = trapo, bayeta
broom = escoba
to sweep = barrer
to scrub = fregar
kitchen sink = el fregadero
to straighten up/to tidy up = arreglar, ordenar las cosas
maid = criada
dirt/filth = la suciedad
cleanliness = limpieza
bucket = cubo
mop = fregona
garbage pail / trash can / rubbish bin = el cubo de basura

  Some Housework Collocations

change the baby
clean the windows
clean up the room
do the shopping
dust the furniture
feed the dog
fix up/do up the apartment/flat/house
hang up a shirt
hang out the washing
iron the clothes
make the bed
mop the floor
pick up the toys
polish the furniture
put away the books
set/lay the table
sweep up the mess
take out the rubbish/trash
throw out the rubbish/garbage
tidy up the closet
turn off the light
vacuum the floor
weed the garden
wash the clothes
wash down the walls
watch the kids
water the plants
wax the car
wipe the dishes

* Puedes encontrar más términos relacionados con el trabajo doméstico en la sección de vocabulario de La Mansión del Inglés.

Tired of doing the housework? Get the kids to help!

Here are 8 ideas you could use to get your kids to help you with the housework.

1. Hide sweets, small toys, stickers, or pennies in, on, or under things that need to be dusted, then ask your child to dust. Your kid can enjoy the prizes only when everything is dusted.
2. Post individual lists of housework kids can do (like wash the car, for example) on the wall or on the fridge (one for each child in your family). Whenever your child does a task, they mark it with a sticker. Whoever has the most stickers at the end of the week gets the Helper of the Week award.
3. Play "Go Fishing" with a basket of clean socks. Divide some of the socks among the players, but leave the rest on the table. Each player, in turn, holds up a sock and asks another player if he has the twin to make a pair. If not, the player asking must take a sock from the top of the draw pile. When finished, the player with the most pairs of socks wins.
4. Use old single socks as child dusters. Put your child's hand into clean sock and use it to remove dust from houseplants and furniture.
5. Have a treasure hunt. Make a list of everyday items (newspapers, magazine, shoes, toys, clothes etc.). Set an alarm clock for 5 minutes, then get your kids to collect different items throughout the house. The winner is the child who picks up the most (and returns them to their correct place).
6. After dinner, do a 10-minute Tidy up. Set an alarm clock for 10 minutes and have family members run through the house putting away things in the correct places.
7. Appoint someone to be Police Inspector Mess. With a laundry basket and plastic police badge, this person walks around the house and puts things into prison (the basket). To set an item free, its owner (including mum and dad) must do a household job.
8. Make a bucket into a personalized cleaning kit. Use a large marker pen to write your child's name on it and get him or her to decorate it with other drawings in different colours. Keep cleaning supplies such as a sponge, a duster and roll of paper towels, etc. inside.

*(puedes encontrar lecturas para practicar tu 'reading' en nuestra web)


- En Nuestra web encontrarás como siempre nuestro Curso de Inglés Multimedia Gratuito con varios niveles para que puedas avanzar a tu ritmo así como otras secciones que te ayudarán a mantener y mejorar tu inglés. También te ofrecemos otras posibilidades para que tengas siempre contigo todo lo que necesites.

· EXCLUSIVO EN NUESTRO CUADERNO. Cada mes nuevo material.

 Descarga un juego del ahorcado con el que podrás practicar vocabulario de forma divertida.

A game of hangman which allows you to choose from 7 different word sets, can set the number of guesses allowed, and limit the length of the word selected.


Las preguntas del Podcast se incluyen en el mismo fichero de sonido. La trascripción del Texto correspondiente al Podcast del mes de julio se publicará en el cuaderno de agosto.

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