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 Escribe la forma femenina de las siguientes palabras. Sigue el ejemplo.

1. husband
2. father
3. uncle
4. brother
5. son
  Gramática inglesa
¿Tienes dudas gramaticales?
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Escribe la forma de pasado (pretérito) de los siguientes verbos. Sigue el ejemplo.

Ej. speak
1. do (hacer)
2. fly (volar)
3. pay (pagar)
4. become (llegar a ser)
5. tell (decir)
6. put (poner)
7. forgive (perdonar)
8. take (tomar)

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Regulares e Irregulares
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Listening Practice
Haz click para escuchar Escucha y escribe la información que falta.

Many of my friends and family have different professions. My dad's a chauffeur. He a big expensive car around London and sometimes he famous people.
My mum's a . She works at home and looks after the house and she looks after us!
My sister works as a in a big food factory, and my brother-in-law is a mechanical engineer. He a lot of money.
My friend Graham works for an insurance company and his wife's a . Another friend of mine, Roger, is a . He's very good with his hands.
My cousin Anne's a teacher. She teaches , and her husband's a graphic designer. Another friend of mine, Gina, is a . She works for an online magazine.

Consulta las soluciones y lee la transcripción.

Haz click para escucharEscucha de nuevo.

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Gerund or Infinitive?
 Decide whether the verb in brackets should be in the gerund or infinitive form and write it in the space. Follow the example.

Example: Your mother and I want you (make) up your mind and let us know if you're coming on holiday with us.
1. She has a lot of difficulties (make) new friends.
2. Peter’s only interested in (ride) motorbikes.
3. Maria's too lazy (paint) the flat herself.
4. Pepito’s unlikely (pass) his driving test.
5. My girlfriend suggested (go) to Ibiza for Easter.
6. Jenny didn't deny (find) my parents a bit boring.
7. We had a fantastic time (tour) round the South of France with the kids.
8. Pepito was fined for (speak) on his mobile in the car.

Gramática de La Mansión del Inglés
¿Tienes dudas gramaticales?
Estudia con nuestra
Gramática Inglesa Online

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Vocabulary - British vs American English
Choose the British English word which means the same as the American English word (in bold).

1. We had to queue up for 40 minutes at the cinema last night.
2. Our dog attacked the postman yesterday and tore his trousers.
3. We need to phone the plumber. There's a problem with the kitchen tap in your grandmother's flat.
4. The lift isn't working. Would you mind phoning the caretaker?
5. Do you want more coffee, or should we ask the waiter for the bill?
6. We spent a lot of money in the shops, ran out of petrol on the motorway and had to take the underground home.

American vs British

Consulta las soluciones / Haz click para escuchar Escucha el Audio

Listening Practice
Haz click para escuchar Listen and write the missing words.

Shall We Eat Inside or Outside?
One thing I love about living in Spain is that life is very often . Growing up in London meant that the weather stopped you from the open air and forced you inside next to the heater and away from the rain.
I've had many wonderful on restaurant terraces here in Spain and enjoying a drink or two in the sun is a regular occurrence. I do remember having barbecue's in the UK, but the window of good is so short in the English summer that I could probably them on one hand.
One day, our family had planned a barbecue and the sunny morning convinced us it would be a . However, just as we were setting everything up the turned black and it started to rain, a lot! We finished our wet and soggy chicken under the garage door watching the rain.

Consulta las soluciones

 Haz click para escuchar Listen again.

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Choose the correct colour idiom to complete the sentences.

1. My boss has finally given me to go ahead and find someone to re-design our logo. I never thought she would actually say yes.
2. María is such an optimist. She always looks at life through . I don't know how a person can always be so positive about everything.
3. When he smashed into the back of my car I and immediately jumped out to hit him. Luckily, I'd forgotten I had my seatbelt on because he was over six feet tall and built like a rugby player!
4. The lead the police were following turned out to be and took them nowhere, so they called in the suspects for another round of questioning and started again from square one.
5. My mate and his family live in a pretty village in around London. It's very quiet and peaceful and only 30 - 40 minutes from the city centre.
6. The hotel that my uncle left us in his will has turned out to be a bit of . It costs a fortune to run and as far as we can see it's never actually made a profit.

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Grammar - Sentence Transformations
Take the information in the first sentence and re-write it, using the word in capital so that the second sentence has a similar meaning. You cannot change the word in bold. Write between 3 and 5 words in the space including the word in capital. Follow the example.

Example: "If I were you, I would just ignore dad's advice," Dave told his sister.
Dave advised his sister their dad's advice.
1. You are not to stop taking your medication under any circumstances.
On up taking your medication.
2. We may have to move to San Francisco if I get this job.
In this job, we may have to move to San Francisco.
3. You should not put bags in front of the emergency exit.
On no put in front of the emergency exit.
4. “You really must tell me what happened at the firm's Christmas party,” said Penny.
Penny her what happened at the firm's Christmas party.
5. If you need to know anything more, just send us an email.
Please do not hesitate to send us an email, information.
6. We would have been in serious trouble if Dave hadn’t known basic first aid.
If it of basic first aid, we would have been in serious trouble.
Gramática práctica

Consulta las soluciones / Haz click para escuchar Escucha el Audio

Listening Practice
Haz click para escuchar Before you listen to a short story, read the following questions.

1) Who did the speaker go to for help if he injured himself while playing?

2) Where do you think the speaker grew up and spent his childhood?

3) Which of the following is NOT something the speaker remembers doing as a child?
   a) playing games
   b) riding bikes
   c) climbing trees
   d) going swimming
   e) eating ice cream
4) What was the speaker's opinion of cricket?

5) Why did the speaker and his friend put playing cards on their bike wheels?

·Sección de Listening
·Sección de Ejercicios
·Sección de Práctica

Haz click para escuchar Listen and answer the questions.

Consulta las soluciones

Lee la transcripción del texto

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Business English
Consejos para mejorar tu inglésAprende con nuestro Curso de inglés de negocios. Accede gratis a la primera lección.

Choose the best word for each sentence.

1. I'm sorry for interrupting you, please .
2. We need to the terms and conditions before we agree.
3. What exactly are you trying to say? What are you ?
4. I'm sorry, Lynn, I didn't . Can you say it again?
5. I'm sorry, he's at the moment, can he phone you back?
6. Having gone through the process many times before, I know exactly which to take.

Consejos para mejorar tu inglésAprende el vocabulario relacionado con la oficina o con la economía y comercio.

Curso de Inglés de Negocios

Consulta las soluciones / Haz click para escuchar Escucha el Audio

Consejos para mejorar tu inglésAccede a más ejercicios de inglés comercial y de negocios.





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*Archivos de sonido que se descargan para ser escuchados en cualquier momento y lugar, generalmente en un dispositivo portátil.

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Traduce las siguientes frases en INGLÉS al ESPAÑOL.

  Diccionario online
1. Why doesn’t he like his job?
2. Whose is that mobile? / Whose Mobile is that?
3. His son lives in Liverpool.
4. I don’t like Pepito’s sister.
5. Julia’s aunt plays the guitar very well.

Consulta las soluciones

Traduce las siguientes frases en ESPAÑOL al INGLÉS.

  Diccionario online
1. ¿Qué tipo de películas te gustan?
2. Me encanta tomar el sol.
3. Su padre no es médico, es abogado.
4. Mike lleva gafas.
5. Simon es el hermano de Andrew. .

Haz click para escuchar Escucha el Audio

Consejos para mejorar tu inglésAccede a más ejercicios de traducción de inglés / español y español / inglés
Descarga Programas Gratis para ayudarte con tus traducciones o en la comprensión de textos.


Escucha el dictado y escribe el texto. Sigue las instrucciones.

Curso de Inglés en audio Mansionauto 1. Listen to the text read at normal speed. (Primero escucha el dictado a una velocidad normal)
2. DICTATION – Listen and write. Use the pause button on your media player if you need to.
(Escucha y escribe lo que oyes. Utiliza la pausa en tu reproductor si lo necesitas)

3. Listen to the text again and check your dictation. (Escucha el texto de Nuevo y comprueba lo escrito)

Consulta las soluciones

Consejos para mejorar tu inglésAmplia tu vocabulario en inglés y español con pronunciación y ejercicios prácticos. Accede también a más ejercicios de dictados en inglés.

JOKE of the month (Chiste del mes)

A man in a hot air balloon realized he was lost. He reduced altitude and saw a woman below. He descended a bit more and shouted, "Excuse me, can you help me? I promised a friend I would meet him an hour ago, but I don't know where I am." Diccionario online
The woman below replied, "You are in a hot air balloon approximately 20 metres above the ground. You are between 40 and 41 degrees north latitude and between 59 and 60 degrees west longitude."
"You must be an engineer," said the balloonist.
"I am, replied the woman, 'How did you know?"
"Well," answered the balloonist, "everything you told me is, technically correct, but I have no idea what to make of your information, and the fact is I am still lost. Frankly, you've not been much help so far."
The woman below responded, "You must be in management."
"I am," replied the balloonist, "but how did you know?"
"Well," said the woman, "you don't know where you are or where you are going. You have risen to where you are due to a large quantity of hot air. You made a promise which you have no idea how to keep, and you expect people beneath you to solve your problems.
The fact is you are in exactly the same position you were in before we met, but now, somehow, it's my fault."

Consejos para mejorar tu inglésPuedes encontrar otras actividades y más chistes en inglés en el apartado de 'Humor' de nuestra sección de recursos.


Elige la opción correcta para completar las siguientes frases.

1. There is no genius without a mixture of madness.
2. Education is ornament in prosperity and a refuge in adversity.
3. Character may almost be called effective means of persuasion.
4. No one loves the man he fears.
5. The greatest virtues are those are most useful to other persons.

Consulta las soluciones

¿Quién es el autor de las frases anteriores?

  Ejercicios Quiz en inglés

Consejos para mejorar tu inglésAccede a más Quiz Gramaticales y a frases célebres en inglés en nuestra sección de recursos.


READING - Comprensión de lectura

Before you read a text on advice for business travellers, Match the phrasal verbs below with their Spanish translations.

1. valer la pena / dar buenos resultados
2. pasar el rato
3. ponerse al día
4. ponerse (peso)
5. quitarse (peso)
6. repasar
7. configurar
8. encargarse
9. fallar

Consulta las soluciones

Now read the text and focus on the phrasal verbs in context.
Advice For Business Travellers
The first time you go away on business you feel as excited as a child at Christmas. You can escape from the office, sleep in a great hotel, eat in the best restaurants, and your company pays for everything!
But after a while the excitement disappears. You work more hours, not less. You get home exhausted and have to catch up on a thousand emails and a mountain of dirty washing.
However, business travel is part of the job for many corporate employees. Here are a few points which may make life on the road, and in the air, a bit easier.
1. Make sure you know exactly what you are allowed to put on your company’s expenses. Some companies won’t allow you to take a taxi to the airport. Others won’t pay for your lunch because you normally buy it yourself when you’re in the office. Be especially careful of using hotel phones, which can be ridiculously expensive.
2. Keep a bag packed and ready in your wardrobe. You never know when you’re going to need to travel at short notice. Pack a suit and comfortable business shoes, toiletries, medicine, business cards, and modem and accessories for your laptop.
3. Print hard copies of important papers and contracts. Technology is wonderful, but it can let you down badly on a business trip. Make sure you travel with paper and virtual copies of important files.
4. Ask colleagues at your office to help you by looking after things while you’re away. Set up your e-mail and voicemail systems with an out of the office message complete with emergency contact information. Diccionario online
5. Pack important items in your carry-on bag. Your suitcase probably won’t get lost, but it’s a good idea to have a change of underwear, a clean shirt and your toilet bag with you at all times.
6. Plan your trip carefully and go over your schedule to make sure you know where you’re supposed to be at all times and how you’re going to get there. Leave enough time in between each appointment so that you can get from one place to the next without getting stressed.
7. It’s better to wear clothes which are too formal than too casual. When you’re attending meetings in a different country, it’s better to wear a suit when everyone else is wearing jeans, than vice versa. Pack your clothes carefully and use the iron in your hotel room if you need to.
8. Keep in touch with your office while you’re away. Send your boss an email or make a quick phone call, even if there’s not much to report.
9. Log on at the hotel and try to check your emails at least once a day. This way you stay informed, your boss is happy and you won’t have thousands of emails waiting for you when you get back.
10. Take advantage of the hotel’s fitness centre. Exercise is a great way to relieve stress and take off those extra kilos you’ve put on from the hotel breakfast buffet. Don’t forget to pack your sports clothes!
11. When you arrive in a new time zone, set your watch and mobile phone immediately to the new time. Also, don’t rely on either your alarm clock or the hotel’s wake up call. Use both to make sure you wake up on time.
12. Try to fly during business hours and avoid the ‘red-eye’ night flight. Use the time in the plane to relax and rest. It’s better to arrive fresh and awake than tired and stressed.
13. Do you know anyone who lives in the city? Use evenings to catch up with friends and relatives. This gives you a chance to get away from your business associates and hang out with people who won’t be talking about work.
14. Stay a couple of extra days and see the city. If your company is paying for you to fly to a place you’ve never visited, why not stay the weekend and do some sightseeing?
15. Make sure you have a frequent flyer account. Frequent flyer miles are the best way to make your business travel pay off. And if your business credit card is linked to a frequent flyer program also, you could be flying to Paris or Hawaii for a free holiday sooner than you imagined!

Read the text again and answer the following questions.

1. Why may it not be a good idea to use hotel telephones?

2. Another word for colleague in point 4 is
  a) partner
  b) workmate
  c) companion
3. Why is it a good idea to put clean clothes and important items in your carry-on bag?

4. If you don’t know the dress code of the country you’re going to, you should
  a) wear a suit.
  b) wear jeans.
  c) wear anything that has been ironed.
5. The expression keep in touch in point 8. means
  a) try to do as much office work as you can while you are travelling.
  b) be extra friendly with your boss.
  c) stay in contact.
6. Why should you not depend on either your alarm clock or the hotel’s wake up call?

7. True or false? It’s a good idea to fly at night and save time.

8. If you save your ‘frequent flyer’ miles, you could
  a) win a holiday to Hawaii.
  b) get free air travel.
  c) save money on your credit card.

Consulta las soluciones

Consejos para mejorar tu inglésPuedes encontrar más ejercicios de Reading en nuestra sección de lecturas.

Print the page and trace the words.
Imprime la siguiente actividad y sombrea las palabras.

Escucha y repite.

(Aprende con más facilidad y en menos tiempo con nuestros métodos multimedia)

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50 listenings nivel avanzado, con ejercicios de comprensión, las respuestas y la trascripción de los textos. Perfecciona tu comprensión en inglés. 200 e-books de la mejor literatura en inglés.  Mejora tu inglés con la lectura. Curso de Preparación para el examen de Cambridge FIRST CERTIFICATE. Consigue la titulación en inglés de la Universidad de Cambridge.
Nuestros productos están también disponibles en un Pack de ahorro Básico, un Pack de ahorro Avanzado o en un Pack Completo, sin gastos de envío y con importantes ventajas y descuentos.
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Gramática inglesa de La Mansión del InglésGramática inglesa. Una extensa gramática inglesa en PDF explicada en español con ilustraciones, ejemplos en inglés y español, ejercicios prácticos y las soluciones a todos los ejercicios. Útil para estudiantes y profesores de inglés. El material es asimismo imprimible y utilizable en cualquier dispositivo móvil como tu portátil, ipad, smartphone, lector de libros electrónicos, etc.
Más información / Descargue la Gramática
Curso de Inglés para hostelería de La Mansión del InglésCurso de inglés para Hostelería. Está dirigido a personas que ejercen su actividad en el mundo de la hostelería y la restauración y que necesitan comunicarse en inglés con sus clientes de forma puntual o habitual. El material está diseñado con la finalidad del aprendizaje de palabras y frases relacionadas con el contexto de la atención al cliente, el mundo de la comida, la bebida y la restauración en general. En formato mp3, con ayuda en español y la trascripción en PDF
Más información / Descargue el Curso
Teaching Conversation curso de La Mansión del InglésTeaching Conversation es un Curso en PDF (dividido por trimestres) que está dirigido a profesores de Inglés conversacional de un nivel intermedio (B2).
El curso es totalmente práctico y hace especial hincapié en mejorar la fluidez en la conversación, aumentar la comprensión auditiva e incrementar la confianza a la hora de hablar así como desarrolla las funciones que los estudiantes necesitan para comunicarse con éxito en Inglés.

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101 Lesson Warmers La Mansión del Inglés101 Lesson Warmers es un producto dirigido a profesores de inglés y que se compone de una colección de 101 actividades cortas y entretenidas para sus clases.
Las actividades son muy diversas y posibilitan su uso con estudiantes desde un nivel pre-intermedio (B1) hasta un nivel avanzado (C2).

Más información / Descargue las 101 actividades
Curso de Inglés en audio de La Mansión del InglésMansión Audio 3 curso en audio en formato mp3 con el que puedes aprender inglés en cualquier lugar de forma rápida y sencilla.
Este curso está disponible por lecciones y está diseñado como una continuación de los cursos Mansión Audio 1 y Mansión Audio 2. El material incluye la trascripción completa del curso en PDF.

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Aprende inglés con tu iPhone, iPad, iPod
o Windows Phone 7 en cualquier momento y lugar.

Si dispones de un móvil iPhone, un iPad o un iPod touch (nivel I / nivel II) o bien de
un móvil con Windows Phone 7 (nivel I / nivel II) puedes beneficiarte del empleo del
mismo para aprender inglés en cualquier lugar y situación con un curso de inglés en audio
especialmente diseñado para dichos dispositivos y que te permite aprender de forma
práctica, amena y sencilla en cualquier momento aprovechando al máximo tu tiempo.

*El único curso práctico de autoformación en inglés para dispositivos móviles
en audio con apoyo en español, trascripción completa y tests de evolución.

Aprende inglés:

- En el metro
- En el autobús
- En el tren
- Caminando
- En casa
- En el trabajo
- En el supermercado
- En la playa
- En el gimnasio
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