Bungee jumping

When people throw themselves off a bridge, it’s probably because they’re desperately depressed and want end their life. However, in Queenstown, New Zealand, you can do it for fun.
Kawarau Bridge on New Zealand’s South Island is the site of the world’s first bridge bungee jump. It was set up by AJ Hackett in 1988 and it’s one of the most scenic bungee jumps in New Zealand.
The jump is 43 metres from the bridge to the water and jumpers can choose to have a wet dive and be submerged up to their waste or a dry dive which stops just above the river. Eventually, when you’ve stopped bouncing up and down on the bungee, a small boat comes over to collect you and take you to the river bank.
I actually did this bungee jump when I was in New Zealand a few years ago and it was an amazing experience. The staff member who tied the bungee rope to my legs on top of the bridge made casual conversation to help me overcome my fear of jumping. He asked me my name and where I was from. When I said British, he laughed and said that the Brits always hesitated before jumping and took ages before deciding to go off the bridge.
Determined to prove him wrong, I bravely stepped up to the edge, looked straight ahead and immediately, without hesitation, dived off head first towards the river 141 feet below.
It was only afterwards I realized that the guy probably said the same thing to everyone before they jumped, whatever their nationality!

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