Quantifiers – Not all of them, but a few of them! Quantifiers | ‘some’ ‘lots of’ ‘a few of’ ‘most’ 'loads of'

One of / a few of / some of / most of / all of / none of

A few of our podcasts are about grammar
Most of Reza’s students passed the CAE exam. Not all of them, but 74% – most of them. Unfortunately, some of them didn’t pass.
Reza ate some of the cheese, but not all of it.

One of our podcasts is about how to tell a story in English (Episode 137) One……is (not XareX) / A few of our podcasts ARE about grammar.
Some of our podcasts have special guests
Most of our podcasts have vocabulary translated in the show notes
All of our podcasts are available on itunes!
None of our podcasts are in French

Can you give more examples?
One of / a few of / some of / Most of / All of / None of

Pronunciation of /of/

What happens with countable/uncountable nouns?

Here are some colloquial quantifiers:

plenty of (biscuits) heaps of (room in our flat) a load of (rubbish) loads of (people) tons of (potatoes in the oven)

a couple of (mistakes) hundreds of (people in the street)

Some quantifiers can be used only with uncountable nouns:

a little (money – uncountable)
A few (euros – countable)

(not) much (traffic – “There wasn’t much traffic on the roads this morning.” – uncountable)
many (“We have many listeners” – countable)

a bit of (cake)

a great deal of (money)
a good deal of (snow)

a little / little – “She has little experience in customer service.” “She has a little experience in customer service.”

a few / few – “There were a few students in my class today.” / “There were few students in my first class today.” (Not many)

How much money have you got?
How many friends have you got?
Do you like any of your students?
How many of our listeners do you think live in Spain?

Audio feedback from Gabriel from Tijuana
Gabriel, the new microphone sounds a lot better! – No one like the way their voice sounds. That shouldn’t stop anyone from practicing English and sending us a message.
Not XThanks for allX – “Thanks for everything.”

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