5 ways to start the year optimistically

Could 2020 have been any worse?
Actually, it probably could have, but let’s not well on the past.
We're starting a New Year and here are five points of focus that will help you begin the year in a positive mindset.

1. Change your perspective

Try it if you don’t believe me, but if you think happy thoughts, you will become happier.
There’s always a more positive way of looking at things.
Has your day at the beach been spoiled by bad weather?
Don’t be sad, just make some hot chocolate, curl up with your partner on the sofa and watch a good film.
This is a great opportunity for family time, not a day spoiled by rain.

2. Keep good company

You are a reflection of the people you spend time with.
If you have depressing, negative friends who say nasty things and gossip, you’ll probably be the same.
Choose your social circle with care and hang out with happy, positive people.

3. Keep a diary

Here’s a challenge for you. Write one thing in a diary that you‘re grateful for every day for a year.
Here are some of mine from last year:

• Good health
• Tea bags
• My morning walk
• Eric Clapton
• Hot water
• All my own teeth
• My sister
• The friendly man in the fruit shop

It’s hard to be unhappy when you write things that you really appreciate every day.

4. Can you change it? - NO. Then don’t worry!

Accept what you cannot change. If you’re late and sitting in a taxi in heavy traffic, don’t get angry.
There absolutely nothing you can do about it (unless, of course, you can fly!).
We often get so stressed about things we can’t change. Is there anything more ridiculous than that?

5. Tune out the news

How do you feel after you’ve heard the daily news; happy or depressed?
Of course, it’s important to check in from time to time to see what’s happening in the world, but do we need to be constantly following all the bad stuff in the world?
If you want to know what’s going on, ask a friend and family member.
This way you get the information and it might lead to a healthy, balanced discussion.

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