Jerry Seinfeld

It’s no secret that humour is one of the most difficult aspects of a second language to understand and master, but that shouldn’t stop you trying!
A good place to start is with Jerry Seinfeld. He’s an American comedian, actor, writer and producer and is perhaps best known for his long-running TV sitcom, or situational comedy, called Seinfeld. The show ran on American TV from 1989 until 1998 and it’s widely accepted to be the most popular American sitcoms ever.
As a Brit, my taste in humour tends more towards British sitcoms than American ones. But a show I’ve been watching a lot recently is a series called Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. The premise is that Seinfeld chooses a special classic car, picks up a famous comedian in the car, and together they go and drink coffee and have a conversation.
I love cars, coffee and comedy. So, for me, it’s the perfect show. Some of my favourite episodes so far have been with English comedian, and star and creator of The Office, Ricky Gervais, Eddie Murphy, Alec Baldwin, Sarah Jessica Parker (from Sex in the City), Jim Carrey and Barak Obama.
The episodes are quite short, about 20 minutes, and the vibe of the conversations is very informal and laid-back. Season one came on air in 2012 and to date, the last season was created in 2019.
I think you should give Seinfeld a try to see if you like him and if you can understand the humour. He uses a lot of observational comedy which is based on the commonplace aspects of everyday life. A similar observational comedian is Larry David who actually co-wrote the Seinfeld series together with Jerry.

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