Last year wasn’t a great year for the cinema. The coronavirus pandemic badly affected cinema goers and production companies alike. Nevertheless, one film did stand out above the rest and took 3 Oscars for best film, best director (Chloe Zhao) and best actress (Frances McDormand).
Nomadland is set in rural Nevada where Fern (Frances McDormand) decides to pack up her belongings in a van and drive away from a small company town where her deceased husband had worked for many happy years before the factory was forced to close down.
Fern is childless and has no other family in the area, so she drives off in her van and becomes a modern-day nomad like so many other working-class Americans who have been affected by the shifting sands of an unpredictable economy.
Fern joins a strange, but welcoming, community of nomads who live outside conventional society and work when and wherever they can in temporary, and often menial, low-paying jobs including cleaning toilets on a campsite and packing boxes at Amazon leading up to Christmas.
Fern comes into contact with kind, loving nomads who support her and help her to adjust. In fact, three of the nomads in the film are not actors. They’re actual nomads who live this lifestyle on the road.
If your idea of a good film is action and special effects, go and see Tenet. However, if you want to see superb acting, directing, beautiful cinematography and a script that makes you reflect on society and on life, you won’t do better than Nomadland.

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