Sons of Anarchy

Like most of us, I’ve been spending a lot more time at home recently so I’m constantly looking for new TV series to watch to pass the time at the end of the day. I recently found Sons of Anarchy on Amazon Prime and I immediately became addicted and binged watched all 7 series. Each series has 13 episodes that range from 30 minutes to over an hour long.
The story follows the lives, adventures and misadventures of a close-knit motorcycle club based in a fictional town in California. The plot centres around Jackson “Jax” Teller who starts the series as vice-president and then leads the club. He tries to honour his dead father’s memory by following a written manifesto that his father, John, wrote before he died.
The show is really about relationships and the positive and negative effects they can have. Reoccurring themes include loyalty, betrayal, brotherhood, love and redemption.
Apart from the clever script, written by Kurt Stutter, and the excellent roles played by the cast there were many other things I enjoyed about the show. I started noticing the Harley Davidson motorbikes they were riding, the tattoos they had and the great music chosen for background tracks. Most of all, I started to envy the members’ lifestyle and the brotherhood that existed between them.
One of the club members is actually a real-life member of the Hells Angels bike club and acted as technical adviser to the show as well as acting in it. But I won’t tell which character he is. Why don’t you watch Sons of Anarchy and see if you can spot him?

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