Have you ever met someone for the first time and immediately wanted to be their friend?
My sister was having some work done on her house and she told me a guy was coming round to fix her front door. ‘His name’s Biff’, she said, ‘and he’s really nice’ .
‘Why do people call him Biff?’
‘Because he hits people!
Hmmm, not the kind of person I really want to meet, I thought.
Biff arrived on time at half past ten and when I opened the door I saw a well-built, middle-aged man with long blond hair tied up in a pony tail, a week-old beard and wearing a black Harley Davidson sweatshirt.
‘He’s a real Hell’s Angel’, my sister had told me. I had my doubts. I’ve seen wannabe Hell’s Angels riding Harleys around Valencia. They’ve got all the gear and nice bikes, but I wouldn’t call them real bikers, rather hobbyists that ride their bikes on Sundays.
The first time Biff spoke to be, I didn’t understand a word. I thought he said ‘Do you fancy a beer?’. After he repeated it twice, I realized he’d asked me if I was from around here. He had a broad Geordie accent that hadn’t softened despite his 15 years as a Spanish resident.
We chatted about his bikes for a while. He owns 4 Harley Davidsons and his wife’s got 2 Harleys. He’s currently restoring an old bike and clearly has a deep love for these classic machines.
He told me about trips he takes on his bikes; touring the north of Spain and crossing the Pyrenees into France. He’s sometimes gone for weeks on end, but with the coronavirus pandemic, he says it’s been really hard to travel.
His best mate lives on a farm in the French countryside and he told me this life-long friend and biking buddy had been a millionaire with property in Monaco and the South of France, only to lose all his money gambling.
Biff finished working on my sister’s door and we said goodbye with a happy wave and a smile. I could have talked to him for hours. It’s not often I meet someone I immediately like and it left me wondering what it is about a person’s personality that attracts us.
With Biff, I think it was his friendly manner, his openness and, of course, his passion for and deep love of Harley Davidson motorbikes.

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