Giving Advice and Using recommend and suggest in English

With SUGGEST (proponer/sugerir) we can say:

I suggest (that) he listens to our podcast.

I suggest (that) he listen to our podcast (no 3rd person singular “s” = subjunctive – more common in formal American English)
I suggested listening to our podcast

There are 2 more formal and less common constructions that may be tested in an advanced exam:
I suggested him/Paul listening to our podcast
I suggested Paul’s/his (possessive=very formal) listening to our podcast

With RECOMMEND (aconsejar, recomendar) we can say:

I recommended him to listen to our podcast. (XYou can’t say “I suggested him to listen….X)
I recommended (that) he listen/listens to our podcast.
I recommended (him/his/Paul/Paul’s) listening to our podcast
I recommended that he should listen to our podcast

I recommend hiring a builder to do up your flat rather than trying to do it up yourself.
I suggest you get a few quotes and compare prices before you make a choice.

Other ways of making suggestions and giving advice
Why don’t you…….? (+infinitive without ‘to’)
What/How about…..? (+gerund/noun)
You could (always)….(+infinitive without ‘to’)
It’s a good idea to….(+infinitive) “It’s a good idea to subscribe to our newsletter at ( )
You might want to…..(+infinitive) “You might want to subscribe to this podcast.”

Perhaps you could/should….(+infinitive without ‘to’)
Have you thought about…? / have you considered….? / Have you tried….? (+gerund/noun)
If I were you, I’d…(+infinitive without ‘to’)
One thing you could do is…..(+infinitive without ‘to’)
Shall I/we…..? (+infinitive without ‘to’) NB. Only possible with “I/we”
Do you fancy……? (+gerund/noun) – “Do you fancy a cup of tea?”
Have you tried….? (+gerund/noun) “Have you tried carob chocolate?” (carob = algarroba)

Giving strong advice:

You should…
You’d better…
You must / have to….

Asking for advice

What should I do?
What do you suggest?

What do you advise me to do?
What’s your advice? (‘advise’ is a verb, ‘advice’ is a noun)
If you were me, what would you do?

What problems are you facing at the moment?

Changing from a paper diary to a digital one.
Saying no to new projects (time management)

getting used to wearing new glasses
Putting on weight around his belly
Breathing too loudly into the microphone

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