Feelings Vocabulary in English

I feel sad, lonely, afraid, blue, depressed, down, stressed

I feel happy, positive, wonderful, enthusiastic, energetic, confident, healthy

Voice message from Ana from Mexico: How does Ana feel and why?
(Ana from Mexico feels disappointed, upset. She doesn’t feel well – because of her level of English)
I wrote to Ana and asked her for to tell us a bit more about her profession and which jobs has she applied for. She answered by email:
“I’m a manufacturing engineer and I have applied for these kind of jobs, such as a project engineer, process engineer and others jobs related to manufacturing.
I think I have not been accepted because the level of English they need is advanced, it is because global companies work with people around the world. It is required to talk about specifications of machines, materials, measures, tolerances, and more,especially over negotiations in money.”

I think her English is very, very good.

Are the following positive or negative feelings?

Anxious – ansioso/a
Ashamed – avergonzado/a – “Craig is ashamed of his level of Spanish.”
Astonished (amazed, surprised) – asombrado – “We are astonished at the number of listeners we have.”
Awful (horrible, terrible) – espantoso/a
Bored (uninterested) – aburrido/a

Concerned (worried) – preocupado/a
Confused – confundido
Contented (satisfied) – contento/a, satisfecho/a
Disappointed – decepcionado, desilusionado
Ecstatic (very, very happy, joyful) – estático/a
Embarrassed (self-conscious) – avergonzado/a
Excited – entusiasmado/a
Furious (very, very angry) – furioso/a
Guilty – culpable

Hopeful (optimistic) – optimista
Inadequate (insufficient) – deficiente, inapropiado/a, inadecuado/a
Inferior – inferior
Insecure – inseguro/a
Irritated – irritado, enojado/a
Jealous – celoso/a / envious – envidioso/a What’s the difference between jealousy (celos) and envy (envidia)?
Envy is when you want what someone else has, but jealousy is when you’re worried someone’s trying to take what you have.
Envy is a reaction to lacking something.
Jealousy is a reaction to the threat of losing something (usually someone).
“I’m envious of my friends town house and office space.” Are you a jealous person?
Mad / angry – enfadado / crazy about (in a positive way) “I’m mad about podcasting.”
Peaceful – tranquilo/a
Proud – orgulloso/a

Scared (afraid) – aterrorizado, asustado
Sensitive – sensible
Suspicious – sospechoso “That man looks suspicious.” / “I feel suspicious of my neighbour.”
Threatened (in danger) – amenazado
Vulnerable – vulnerable
Worthless – despreciable / (cosa) sin valor – “This old painting is worthless.”

How did you feel when we won the podcasting award in 2015?
How did you feel when we didn’t win it this year?
How do you feel when someone catches you doing something you shouldn’t be doing?
How do you feel when your neighbours make a lot of noise or stop you from sleeping when you need to get up early the next day?
How did you feel when you heard about Brexit or Trump’s election victory?
What achievement do you feel proud of?
Is there anything you feel ashamed of?
How do you feel about Mickey Mouse?
What makes you feel bored?
When was the last time you felt surprised?

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