Holidays and Travel

To go on a trip, to go/get away, to take a break for a few days

Airfare (bus fare, train fare, taxi fare etc)
To check in (aisle seat/window seat) – Fly – flight (domestic/international – short/long haul)
fly–flew–flown (to fly – verb / fly–noun = mosca/bragueta) “I have an open flight” – vuelo abierto)
Red-eye flight – early morning/night flight
Boarding pass – On board – a bordo, embarcar
Economy/Business/First class
Upgrade (subir de categoría)
Gate – puerta de embarque (actually means verja, reja, barrera – something you might find in a field or a garden)
Luggage/baggage allowance
Excess baggage
Hand luggage (carry-on)
To take off – to land / a take-off – a landing
Cabin crew – steward(ess) / air hostess / flight attendant
Runway – pista (de aterrizaje)
To taxi “The plane is taxiing before take-off”
To cruise “We are now cruising at 20,000 feet”
Jet lag – fatigue caused by plane travel
Baggage reclaim
Baggage carousel
Lost luggage

More vocabulary

Vacation (US) = holiday (UK) (on vacation/holiday)
peak/off peak – crowded
Sightseeing – to see the sights
Tour – package tour, tour guide
excursion – to go on an excursion

Places to stay

Hotel – to make a reservation/booking – full board/half board
Boutique hotel/Luxury hotel/ 5-star hotel/ 3-star hotel/budget hotel = low-cost hotel
B&B = Bed & Breakfast

Self-catering = you cook your own food
Youth hostel
Caravan – motorhome – RV in American English (recreational vehicle)
to go caravaning
to tow a caravan
Tent – campsite – camping
Camping – to go camping in a campsite

Types of holiday

Trekking – adventure holidays
City break
Long weekends
A “dirty weekend”
Backpacking (backpack / rucksack)
Hitchhiking – to hitchhike = to thumb a lift

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