Is it worth buying a drone?

From time to time I catch myself thinking, I wonder what it's like to fly a drone?
I often see them on TV, advertised on the internet, and spoken about on YouTube. In fact, yesterday, I even saw a small drone being flown on the beach near where I live.
But should I invest in one, or would it be a 5-minute-wonder, a waste of money that gets used once or twice and then stored away in the back of the cupboard?
I'm not much of a photographer, but I do enjoy making videos, and the aerial perspective, if used sparingly, might jazz up my amateur videos.
They seem fun to fly, too, and I've heard that there are some friendly clubs and online forums full of helpful drone enthusiasts. It would be nice to meet some new people with a different interest.
On the negative side, they don't come cheap. A decent, entry-level drone, with a good quality camera, starts at about 600 euros, but you can pay 2500 euros or more for a professional model. The sky's the limit when it comes to drones (pardon the pun!).
There are also regulations and restrictions when it comes to where, what and how high you can fly a drone. It depends on the weight of the drone, how you're using it, the area you're in and even if you're flying during the day or at night.
I did a quick Google search, and the drone that immediately caught my eye is the DJI Mini 2 Combo. It's small and light, but flies with good stability in windy conditions.
The weight is important, because at 249 grams, this drone can legally be flown in urban areas. In Spain, where I live, it needs to be under 250 grams, but of course, every country has its own drone rules.
According to the reviews I've read, this is a good drone for beginners and DJI make good quality products. That being said, with a 629 euros price tag, it's not something to buy on a whim and leave at the back of the cupboard collecting dust!

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