Lunch on a Train

We boarded the train in the South of France. The train station was manic, noisy, hectic, people were shouting in French and running everywhere. We found our train and quickly jumped on to look for our seats. Innes grabbed his seat by the window and I threw my rucksack on the overhead rack and sat next to him. We were excited to be heading across Europe to Greece.
Before the train pulled out of the station, two guys sat down opposite us. They looked about our age and were also carrying rucksacks. One was tall and skinny with long brown hair and a Northern accent. The other was more clean-cut with a broad Scottish accent and cleaner clothes.
We wasted no time in striking up a conversation. The usual backpacking questions at first; Where are you from? Where are you heading? Where have you been up to now etc. The long-haired Northerner was Kevin and the Scottish guy was called Brian. The four of us got on like a house on fire and in no time at all we were laughing and joking and telling travel stories.
After an hour or so, Kevin produced half a bottle of whisky from his bag and passed it around. We took out some smelly French cheese and half a baguette and Brian found a bag of crisps at the bottom of his rucksack. We kept finding food and before long, the small table between us was full of food and we eagerly tucked in.
As luck would have it, all of us were changing trains in Italy, so we decided to travel together for a while. The four of us stayed together for the next 4 weeks. We ended up in Greece and had the time of our lives island hopping, partying at night and hitting the beaches during the day.
It seemed too good to be true but, eventually, all good things must come to an end. Sadly, Brian had to get back to Scotland to start university and Kevin ran out of money and went back home to get a job so that he could go away again and travel some more. We did keep in touch with them for a while but life happens and Innes and I have no idea where Kevin and Brian are today. But I won’t forget that wonderful lunch on a train speeding through France. We started out as strangers but we soon became very good friends.

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