10 more phrasal verbs that you should know 10 more phrasal verbs you should know

We spoke about 20 Phrasal Verbs that English Students Should Know in Episode 98 – This was a very popular episode, so here are 10 more:

1. To bring up – Craig was brought up in London. Reza was brought up in Belfast. / I’ll bring it up at the meeting / I had a dodgy kebab and brought it up an hour later.
2. To fill out/fill in – Please fill in this form in capital letters. / Your teacher is off sick, so I’m filling in for her today.
3. To hold up – I can’t see it. Can you hold it up, please? / Sorry I’m late, I was held up at work. / They held up the bank and got away with over a quarter of a million euros. (also noun: a hold up)
4. To make up – I don’t think he saw Tom Cruise in Mercadona. I think he made it up. / Are you going to make yourself up and put on a dress (also, put on make up) / I’m sorry I forgot your birthday. How can I make it up to you?
5. To cut down on – I’ve cut down on the money I spend on conferences this year.
6. To get over – Have you got over your cold yet? / I can’t get over what Dave said about Sally. / It took me a long time to get over breaking up with my first girlfriend.
7. To catch up with – I need to catch up with some work. / We should get together and catch up over a beer or two. / He was far behind the other runners but eventually caught up with them near the end.
8. To throw away – I work hard for my money. I don’t like throwing it away. Have you ever thrown away a golden opportunity? / I’ve thrown away your old Led Zeppelin T-shirt (also ‘throw out’)
9. To set up – We need to set up a meeting. Was it difficult to set up your new TV? Mike is setting up a new company in his hometown.
10. To do up – Do up your shoelace (cordón). It’s undone. / When are you going to do up your flat?

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