The difference between fake, forge, falsify and counterfeit

To fake (verb) – fingir, aparentar – “Fake it ‘till you make it!” – To fake an orgasm

A fake (noun) – falsificación – “It’s a fake.” a person can also be fake (phoney) Don’t be fake, keep it real.”
Fake (adjective) – “It’s a fake watch.” – lot’s of fake electronics come out of China these days.

Counterfeit – falso – “They check 50 euro notes to see if they are counterfeit.”

What’s the difference between ‘fake’ and counterfeit?
All counterfeits are fakes, but not all fakes are counterfeits.
‘counterfeit’ implies deception, but ‘fake’ just means it’s not the real thing.

Counterfeit money is fake money which is also intended to look so much like the real thing, that people can actually use it to buy things.

It’s also possible to have fake money that is not counterfeit. Have you ever played the game Monopoly? Which word would you use to describe Monopoly money?

Monopoly money is fake money, but it is not intended to be used as legal currency.

If you found some counterfeit money, would you try to spend it?

Reza was once given 3 counterfeit 20 euro notes from a bank’s cashpoint machine.

Forge is a verb – to fake, to falsify. To forge someone’s signature. Is your signature easy to forge?

Forge also means to shape, create. To form by heating and hammering (forjar). To forge metal, to forge a bond or friendship with someone.

A forgery (noun) falsificación “The artist was found guilty of forgery.” “This check is a forgery. You can’t use it.”

Falsify is falsificar – “The witness falsified his statement in court.” You can falsify a document. Have you ever falsified anything? – on your CV perhaps?

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