English Expressions from The Sea

It’ll be smooth sailing from here on (also ‘plain sailing’) – easy progress. No big waves or rough sea.

Rock the boat – to do or say something that will upset people or cause trouble. Don’t rock the boat / Don’t make waves.

Like ships that pass in the night – people who meet for a brief but intense moment and then part, never to see each other again. Has that ever happened to you?

That ship has sailed – an opportunity that has passed or a situation that can no longer be changed. – You’ve missed the boat.

“Three sheets to the wind” – someone who has had too much to drink. It comes from a term that originally described a ship in a complete mess, with its sails flapping and moving around in the wind.

“Taking the wind out of someone’s sails” means beating them in an argument, or making them feel less confident in their actions.
Originally, the term referred to a naval maneuver. One ship would pass close to its opponent and block its access to the wind. – very useful tactic in battle.

Between the devil and the deep blue sea (between a rock and a hard place) – entre la espada y la pared – When you face a dilemma. – Going to the dentist – if you go you suffer, and if you don’t go you suffer!

Knowing the ropes – someone is competent at what they do. The statement, printed on a seaman’s discharge, indicated that he knew the main uses of the ropes on a ship. Yet rather than indicating that the sailor was a master, the phrase meant that he was a novice who only knew the basics of sailing.

Not the only fish in the sea / There are plenty of fish in the sea. (not the only pebble on the beach). Plenty of other suitable people, especially for a romantic relationship.

Difference between ‘aware’ and ‘conscious’ (consciente, darse cuenta de)

Are you aware of/conscious of the 90 second time limit on Speakpipe?
Are you aware that you only have 90 seconds to speak (XAre you conscious that...X)

Conscious suggests being generally aware of the world around you.
Aware is more specific, you are aware of certain situations or facts. – Are you aware how important this podcast is?

Consciousness comes from one or some of the five senses. It’s a state (subconscious, unconscious – not awake, passed out – desmayado/a, inconsciente)
Awareness has more to do with the mind (self-awareness) – it’s the knowledge that something exists somewhere.

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