There are many mammals we don't know about

According to a study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences journal, "Only an estimated 1 to 10% of Earth's species have been formally described." The study concludes that there are hundreds of mammals that are still to be discovered.
The species that we don't yet know about are probably small, like rodents and bats. They may also look very similar to species we are already familiar with.
A supercomputer at Ohio university in the U.S. is analyzing gene sequences from 4,310 mammal species and combining that information with details on location and environment. Based on this analysis, scientists at the university say that a conservative estimate would be that there are hundreds of species of mammals worldwide that have yet to be identified."
The study is not only helping the researchers estimate the unknown, it also predicted where the undiscovered species are likely to be found. For example, we know that one potential area where new species can be found is tropical rain forest regions like the Amazon. Here there is an abundance and wide variety of mammals.
Discovering and describing new mammal species isn't just about cataloging them and putting them in a database. Knowing more about new species is important to people who are doing conservation work.
We can't protect a species if we don't know that it exists. 

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