Thermal energy keeps dancers going in Scotland

If you're a news addict like I am, you'll have noticed an extra dose of doom and gloom lately. There’s the terrible war in Ukraine, divisive politics in the U.S. and inflation and rising prices pretty much everywhere.
However, on the bright side, a Scottish nightclub has found it can reduce its carbon footprint by 70 tons per year if it collects body heat from dancers.
There's a nightclub in Glasgow, Scotland that has a dancefloor that absorbs body heat from the dancers and converts it to thermal energy, between 250 and 600 watts depending on how intense the music is.
The thermal energy is sent inside fluid to a hole that lies 200 metres underground. There, it's charged like a thermal battery before being pushed back up to provide heating and air conditioning inside the nightclub.
Medium intensity music like the Rolling Stones could generate 250 watts, whereas a modern dance DJ who pumps out the beats and gets the dancers jumping up and down, could generate thermal energy in the region of 500 to 600 watts.
At a total cost of £600,000, this clean energy system wasn't cheap to install. Nevertheless, the club owners calculate that they can recoup the investment in five years by disconnecting the gas boilers and saving on costs that have sky-rocketed due to recent price increases.
The advantage of using water as a heating system is that while it requires a lot of energy to heat up, it holds onto that energy much longer than air. With the fluid that carries the heat stored underground it’s well insulated, and therefore also more efficient than any gas heating system.
Other venues, including the famous SchwuZ nightclub in Berlin, have also expressed interest in this technology. High-profile nightclubs don't want to be left behind when it comes to the latest and coolest green energy installations.
It's not only about saving money and protecting the environment, it's also about being fashionable!

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