Useful Expressions

Is breakfast included? What time is breakfast/dinner/lunch served?

Can we have another key card, please?

What’s the WiFi password?

The aircon/TV/WiFi/safe isn’t working. Could you send someone to fix it, please? Would you mind sending…

Could you tell me if there is free parking available? (Indirect questions with Nicola: episode 50

Could you phone a taxi, please? – I was wondering if you could….. I’d like to know…..


Are you going away this year?

What are you doing in August?

Boat, car, plane or train – which do you prefer?

Would you enjoy travelling on your own?

Where in the world would you most like to visit?

What is the best type of holiday for you – a touring holiday, or staying in one place?

Where was the best holiday you’ve ever had?

Do you know of any “hidden gems”? (a little known, but great place)

Have you ever had a really bad (touring) holiday?

What do you think about cruising? (touring from one port to another)

One of Reza’s childhood heroes permanently toured around North America. He was an amazing free spirit, who stopped only to help people in trouble.

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