Ann Goes Shopping

Ann is learning English and wants to go shopping. She needs to buy some basic items such as clothes, food and toiletries. She goes to a clothes shop and sees a shirt she likes. She asks the sales assistant, "How much is this T-shirt?" The sales assistant says, "It's 30 euros." Ann decides to buy the T-shirt and pays for it.
Next, she needs to buy some groceries. She goes to the supermarket and sees some apples. She picks them up and asks an assistant, "How much are these apples?" The assistant says, "They are 3 euros a kilo." Ann buys the apples and some other food items.
Finally, Ann needs to buy some toiletries. She goes to a pharmacy and sees some toothpaste. She asks the cashier, "How much is this toothpaste?" The cashier says, "It's 2 euros 50." Ann buys the toothpaste and some other toiletries she needs.
Shopping in English may be challenging at first, but with practice, Ann will improve her language skills and feel more confident.

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