In this episode: Job Interviews in English and work vocabulary

job – work – career – what’s the difference?
‘Job’ is a countable noun (I have two jobs) ‘Work’ is usually uncountable (I have a lot of work)
You can use ‘work’ as a countable noun in art: “The works of Pablo Picasso”
‘career’ is a false friend. “I’m studying/doing a degree”, “I’m studying art”
You start your career AFTER you finish studying
A career is often long-term. Not flipping burgers at McDonalds!
to apply for a job – to complete an application form.
CV (UK) – resume (US)
perks / fringe benefits = beneficios (adicionales)
prospects – What are my prospects?
to get promoted – to promote = promover, ascender (opposite=demoted)
reference = referencia (job reference/character reference)
experience = experiencia
qualifications = requisitos/calificación
contract – contrato
hours – horario – What will my hours be?
full time – jornada completa
part time – de media jornada
fixed-term contract – contrato a plazo fijo
labour market – el mercado laboral
to renew – renovar
overtime (extra hours) – horas extraordinarias
time and a half – 1 1/2 x the hourly rate
well-paid = bien pagado / badly, poorly-paid = mal pagado
employer = empresario (employee) interviewer/ee / / promotion/ambitious/get a rise/raise my salary
part time / full time / overtime / flexitime / shifts / salary review

Preparing for a job interview

1. Google the company – find out information about the company before the interview. Read in English.
2. Google yourself! Be careful how you are represented on the Internet – Check your LinkedIn profile (make sure it’s up to date – al día, actualizado) and check your Facebook page. Remove embarrassing photos!
3. Translate your CV well! (Pay money to a professional translator, if necessary)
4. Prepare your questions, and your answers, before the interview.
5. Prepare and preactise with a mirror. record your voice, practise with your dog or cat.

Role play: Craig interviews Reza for the position of PA (personal assistant) to The Spanish Prime MinisterNice to meet you / How do you do

Tell me about yourself?
Describe your career goals – Why do you want this job?
Do you prefer to work alone or as part of a team?
Thinking back to your previous positions, what have you learned from your mistakes?
Could you talk about your strengths and weaknesses?
Are you prepared to travel?
What are your salary requirements? What sort of salary are you looking for?
REZA: Are there any fringe benefits?
Role play: Reza interviews Craig (Stephen Smith) for the position of dog walker for the Queen at Buckingham Palace.
You know what the job entails (to entail = conllevar, implicar). I presume (to presume = presumir, suponer) you’re a dog lover?
breed = raza
What hours would I be expected to work?
What would be the dress requirements?
What would be the requirements on special occasions? Would I take care of visiting animals?
What is the largest problems facing your care staff at the moment and how can I help you solve it?

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