A Trip to Mallorca

We were 8 irresponsible 17-year old boys travelling together to Mallorca to meet girls, get drunk and have fun. What could go wrong?
I’d been to Spain before on package holidays with my family, but this was different; 7 days on a Spanish island with 7 of my best school mates and I was as excited as a kid at Christmas.
As soon as the plane touched down we hit the bars. The beer flowed like water and the hangovers the next morning were brutal.
I was sharing my room with Doc, an amateur boxer who, predictably, had a fight one night in the street. None of us saw it, but he came back to the room with his clothes torn and bruises on his face.
One day we rented motorbikes and toured the island. The scenery was impressive and the winding roads were a dream to travel on. We had a lot of fun that day and, surprisingly, only 3 of us suffered from sunburn.
I don’t remember meeting any girls. I don’t think any of us did, probably because we were often too drunk to have a normal conversation. Maybe we should all get together again and plan a reunion trip thirty-five years later. On second thoughts, maybe not. Some things are best left in the past.

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