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Títulos: Viaje alrededor del mundo - siguiendo el Ecuador, Aventuras de Huckleberry Finn, Tom Sawyer en el extranjero, Tom Sawer detective.

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Consejos para mejorar tu inglésAccede a más ejercicios de Vocabulario con imágenes de nivel Básico.

 Escribe la palabra que corresponda para cada frase.

A: What did you at the weekend?
B: Nothing special. I stayed home and watched TV.
2. Did you a good time at in Barcelona?
3. What time the film start tonight?
4. A: did you go out with?
B: Steve, Jane and Sara.
5. A: did you get home?
B. We took a taxi.
6. they at the meeting yesterday?
7. your parents live here?
8. A: is this iPad?
B: It’s mine.
  Gramática inglesa
¿Tienes dudas gramaticales?
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Gramática Inglesa Online

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Escribe la forma de pasado (pretérito) de los siguientes verbos. Sigue el ejemplo.

Ej. speak
1. have (haber o tener)
2. find (encontrar)
3. sell (vender)
4. make (hacer)
5. steal (robar)
6. teach (enseñar)
7. eat (comer)
8. feel (sentir)

Escucha nuestro podcast para aprender inglés
Consulta el pasado de los verbos
Regulares e Irregulares

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Listening Practice
Haz click para escuchar Escucha y escribe la información que falta.

Are you on holiday?
Well, it's August. Here in Spain it's really and most people are on holiday. There isn't much traffic on the roads and a lot of the shops and businesses are or open only in the morning.
I like to go on holiday in August. I'm a and my school is closed. Sometimes I go to the UK or to visit friends in countries.
A lot of teachers go to work in summer schools in August. There are many summer schools in the UK and also in other countries. It s a good way to and also earn money teaching. My friend Dave usually to Hong Kong in August and September. He can a lot of money and see Hong Kong and maybe China, too.

Consulta las soluciones y lee la transcripción.

Haz click para escucharEscucha de nuevo.

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Gerund or Infinitive?
 Decide whether the verb in brackets should be in the gerund or infinitive form and write it in the space. Follow the example.

Example: Your mother and I want you (make) up your mind and let us know if you're coming on holiday with us.
1. I’ll be happy (help) you clean your car as soon as this film finishes.
2. Few oceans are as clean as this (swim) in.
3. I'm not used to (get up) at this time in the morning.
4. Samantha was shocked (discover) that her boyfriend was seeing another girl.
5. It might be worth (use) a different cable or (change) the screen.
6. I'm not very good at (repair) things around the house.

Gramática de La Mansión del Inglés
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Gramática Inglesa Online

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Vocabulary - British vs American English
Match the British English word with the American equivalent.

1. wardrobe (armario)
2. tap (grifo)
3. flat (apartamento, piso)
4. rubbish (basura)
5. garden (jardín)
6. curtains (cortinas)

American vs British

Consulta las soluciones / Haz click para escuchar Escucha el Audio

Listening Practice
Haz click para escuchar Listen and write the missing words.

The Cars of a Typical Brit
Some people say that the British are car crazy. They spend more money on their cars than most other European countries, and they change their cars very . The UK buys and sells more sport cars and convertibles per head of than most other countries in the West, and that's surprising considering the rain and bad weather in the UK.
My personal car is quite typical of a middle-aged man who grew up in the UK in the 80's and 90's. A Ford Escort, Mini and Chrysler Cavalier were my first cars. They were all , cheap and not particularly interesting.
I worked with a guy called Terry who had a white Triumph Spitfire and I wanted one, too. I saved my money and eventually bought a sky-blue Mark II Spitfire for pounds. It was nothing but . The roof leaked when it rained, the didn't work and the electrics were constantly causing problems. I loved driving it, though, and I was sad when I had to sell it.
But the love of my life was a 1972 MG Roadster. It was mustard yellow and smelt of and engine oil. The motor sounded like an aeroplane and I sat so to the ground I could almost feel the road under my seat.

Consulta las soluciones

 Haz click para escuchar Listen again.

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Choose the correct colour idiom to complete the sentences.

1. I know we've agreed the terms and conditions on the phone, but I really need something in so that I can talk to the board of directors. Can you send me a confirmation email of everything we talked about?
2. Although I live near the beach, I only ever go swimming . I hate the sand and I'm sure the water's polluted.
3. My mate John's just bought a gorgeous new Android phone and I'm
4. My parents were both workers. My dad was a bank manager and my mum was the personal secretary to the managing director of an insurance company.
5. The day I graduated from university was for me. I'll never forget it. It marked the end of one chapter and the beginning of a successful career.
6. I didn't want to get my brother into trouble so I told to my parents.

Twitter La Mansion del Ingles
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Grammar - Sentence Transformations
Take the information in the first sentence and re-write it, using the word in capital so that the second sentence has a similar meaning. You cannot change the word in bold. Write between 3 and 5 words in the space including the word in capital. Follow the example.

Example: "If I were you, I would just ignore dad's advice," Dave told his sister.
Dave advised his sister their dad's advice.
1. If you have a dish washer, washing plates and cutlery by hand is unnecessary.
Having a dish washer wash plates and cutlery by hand.
2. Samantha didn’t even try to discover who had stolen her wedding ring.
Samantha out who had stolen her wedding ring.
3. I would like to say that we weren't satisfied with how the tour operator treated us.
I wish to the poor service we received from the tour operator.
4. We fully intend to expand into South and Central America if we get this contract.
We into South and Central America if we get this contract.
5. “Will you drive me to the airport, please,” Rachel asked me.
Rachel asked me if to the airport.
6. My boss doesn’t like it when we arrive at our weekly meetings late.
My boss arriving late at our weekly meetings.
7. You really should be more careful how you look.
It’s about time you appearance.
8. I'm not a bit like my father.
I all.
Gramática práctica

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Listening Practice
Haz click para escuchar Before you listen to a short story, read the following questions.

1) Does the speaker think that most under 25 year olds are watching TV?

2) If the majority of the younger generation are not watching TV, where does the speaker think they're getting entertainment from?

3) Which of the following is NOT given as a use case for the TV based on the speaker's experience?
   a) Sports events
   b) Children's cartoons
   c) News and current affairs
   d) After dinner entertainment
4) Why does the speaker think that online advertising is more effective than advertising on the television?

5) Will the speaker miss the TV if it disappears?

·Sección de Listening
·Sección de Ejercicios
·Sección de Práctica

Haz click para escuchar Listen and answer the questions.

Consulta las soluciones

Lee la transcripción del texto

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Business English
Consejos para mejorar tu inglésAprende con nuestro Curso de inglés de negocios. Accede gratis a la primera lección.

Choose the best word for each sentence.

1. We should a meeting with accounts before the end of the week.
2. They the meeting because of the bad publicity we've been having.
3. The workers have a 5% pay rise.
4. Pepito knew that they'd eventually to his way of thinking.
5. Let's discuss this lunch.
6. My boss I have to work late tomorrow.

Consejos para mejorar tu inglésAprende el vocabulario relacionado con la oficina o con la economía y comercio.

Curso de Inglés de Negocios

Consulta las soluciones / Haz click para escuchar Escucha el Audio

Consejos para mejorar tu inglésAccede a más ejercicios de inglés comercial y de negocios.




INFINITIVO: To be (ser, estar)
PRETÉRITO: Was (fui, era)
PARTICIPIO: Been (sido, estado)

El verbo 'To be' tiene una importancia especial en inglés. Se corresponde a los verbos españoles "ser" y "estar". Dependiendo del sentido de la frase deduciremos de cual de los dos se trata.

  I am English / Soy inglés
  I am in England / Estoy en Inglaterra

Tiene algunos usos especiales distintos a sus equivalentes españoles.

- Sirve para expresar la edad, en cuyo caso se traduce por 'tener':

  Mary is 20 years old / María tiene 20 años
  I am 21 / Yo tengo 21 años
  How old are you? / ¿Cuántos años tienes?

- Para expresar las sensaciones también se emplea el verbo 'to be' y equivale al 'tener' español.

  Are you hungry? / ¿Tienes hambre?
  He is thirsty / Tiene sed

- También para hablar sobre el tiempo atmosférico. En este caso se traduce por 'hacer'

  It's windy / Hace viento
  It's very cold / Hace mucho frío



Consejos para mejorar tu inglés Consulta nuestra completa gramática inglesa práctica para ampliar tus conceptos del lenguaje.
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Traduce las siguientes frases en INGLÉS al ESPAÑOL.

  Diccionario online
1. Does Pepito like his job?
2. I am so grateful for your help.
3. Now (that) I have/I've got more money, I can buy a new car.
4. We used to be enemies, but now she is my best friend.
5. A giraffe is a strange (weird, unusual, odd, rare) animal.

Consulta las soluciones

Traduce las siguientes frases en ESPAÑOL al INGLÉS.

  Diccionario online
1. El café está demasiado dulce para beberlo.
2. El maíz es amarillo.
3. Lávate las manos antes de la cena.
4. La música era apenas audible.
5. Subí de peso y ahora todos mis pantalones me quedan demasiado apretados.

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Consejos para mejorar tu inglésAccede a más ejercicios de traducción de inglés / español y español / inglés
Descarga Programas Gratis para ayudarte con tus traducciones o en la comprensión de textos.


Escucha el dictado y escribe el texto. Sigue las instrucciones.

Curso de Inglés en audio Mansionauto 1. Listen to the text read at normal speed. (Primero escucha el dictado a una velocidad normal)
2. DICTATION – Listen and write. Use the pause button on your media player if you need to.
(Escucha y escribe lo que oyes. Utiliza la pausa en tu reproductor si lo necesitas)

3. Listen to the text again and check your dictation. (Escucha el texto de Nuevo y comprueba lo escrito)

Consulta las soluciones

Consejos para mejorar tu inglésAmplia tu vocabulario en inglés y español con pronunciación y ejercicios prácticos. Accede también a más ejercicios de dictados en inglés.

JOKE of the month (Chiste del mes)

Differences Between You and Your Boss

- When you take a long time, you're slow.
  When your boss takes a long time, he's thorough.
- When you don't do it, you're lazy.
  When your boss doesn't do it, he's too busy.
- When you make a mistake, you're an idiot.
  When your boss makes a mistake, he's only human.
- When doing something without being told, you're overstepping your authority.
  When your boss does the same thing, that's initiative.
- When you take a stand, you're being bull-headed.
  When your boss does it, he's being firm.
- When you overlooked a rule of etiquette, you're being rude.
  When your boss skips a few rules, he's being original.
- When you please your boss, you're apple polishing.
  When your boss pleases his boss, he's being co-operative.
- When you're out of the office, you're wandering around.
  When your boss is out of the office, he's on business.
- When you're on a day off sick, you're always sick.
  When your boss is a day off sick, he must be very ill.
- When you apply for leave, you must be going for an interview.
  When your boss applies for leave, it's because he's overworked.
Diccionario online

Consejos para mejorar tu inglésPuedes encontrar otras actividades y más chistes en inglés en el apartado de 'Humor' de nuestra sección de recursos.


Elige la opción correcta para completar las siguientes frases.

1. It's fine to celebrate success but it is more important to heed the lessons failure.
2. If you can't make it good, make it look good.
3. The teacher is very interactive.
4. The intersection of law, politics, and technology force a lot of good thinking.
5. a difference between what technology enables and what historical business practices enable.

Consulta las soluciones

¿Quién es el autor de las frases anteriores?

  Ejercicios Quiz en inglés

Consejos para mejorar tu inglésAccede a más Quiz Gramaticales y a frases célebres en inglés en nuestra sección de recursos.


READING - Comprensión de lectura

Lee el siguiente texto en inglés.

The master of suspense.

The name Hitchcock means 'suspense' and 'horror'. He was the master. At a time when people used to go to the cinema to see their favourite film stars, they went to see Hitchcock films because of the director.Diccionario online

Alfred Hitchcock was born in England in 1899. He was educated by Jesuits, then went into the film business in 1920. His first job was to do the lettering and design he backgrounds for silent film titles.

His first important film was made in Britain, in 1927 - a tale of murder and suspense.

Because of a shortage of extras, he also appeared in it himself.

In every film after that, a brief glimpse of Hitchcock's plump figure was always one of the sly jokes.

He went to Hollywood in 1939 and for the next 35 years made the films on which his reputation rests.

Intellectual critics have written many things about his 'Art'. But Hitchcock himself was very unpretentious. He saw himself simply as a skilled entertainer. He certainly was.

Contesta a las siguientes preguntas de comprensión.

1. El primer trabajo de Hitchcock consistió en:
  - Realizar de extra en diversas películas.
  - Dirigir documentales sobre la sociedad inglesa.
  - Hacer la rotulación y diseñar los subtítulos de películas mudas.
  - Doblar los diálogos de las películas mudas.
2. La gente de la época iba al cine atraída por:
  - Los actores.
  - El guión.
  - La banda sonora.
  - Los decorados.
3. El tema principal de la primera película de Hitchcock trataba de:
  - El romance imposible de una pareja.
  - Policías y ladrones.
  - Suspense y asesinatos.
  - Terror.
4. El motivo de la primera aparición de Hitchcock en una de sus películas fue:
  - Ser una persona pretenciosa.
  - Por la escasez de extras.
  - Como una broma hacia el público.
  - Por una apuesta con un actor.
5. Hitchcock se consideraba a si mismo:
  - Una persona de gran talento para el espectáculo.
  - Un gran actor.
  - Un director de cine sin libertad para abordar otros temas distintos del suspense.
  - Un artista que no fue suficientemente reconocido por la crítica.

Descarga o Visualiza online
películas en inglés.

Consulta las soluciones

Lee la transcripción del texto

Consejos para mejorar tu inglésPuedes encontrar más ejercicios de Reading en nuestra sección de lecturas.

Print the page and trace the words.
Imprime la siguiente actividad y sombrea las palabras.

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El curso es totalmente práctico y hace especial hincapié en mejorar la fluidez en la conversación, aumentar la comprensión auditiva e incrementar la confianza a la hora de hablar así como desarrolla las funciones que los estudiantes necesitan para comunicarse con éxito en Inglés.

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101 Lesson Warmers La Mansión del Inglés101 Lesson Warmers es un producto dirigido a profesores de inglés y que se compone de una colección de 101 actividades cortas y entretenidas para sus clases.
Las actividades son muy diversas y posibilitan su uso con estudiantes desde un nivel pre-intermedio (B1) hasta un nivel avanzado (C2).

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*El único curso práctico de autoformación en inglés para dispositivos móviles
en audio con apoyo en español, trascripción completa y tests de evolución.

Aprende inglés:

- En el metro
- En el autobús
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- > Para consultar los cuadernos de meses anteriores acceda a: http://www.cuadernodeingles.com
--> El sistema de correo que envía el Cuaderno no está habilitado para tratar respuestas. Si vd. quiere contactar con nosotros o hacernos llegar alguna sugerencia hágalo a través del formulario de contacto ( NO responda a la dirección remitente del Cuaderno ).


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