Read the following text about business etiquette in Miami, Florida.

Business in Miami
Miami’s close proximity to Latin America makes it a fascinating place to do business. Throughout the past decade, a large number of companies from the Caribbean, Central and South America have set up offices here and, as a result, Greater Miami’s workforce has grown younger, more multilingual and more culturally diverse. Diccionario online
However, for business purposes, it is still essentially America. Therefore, dress code is smart and business is managed the American way – quickly, efficiently and frankly. Business cards should always be presented. Outside the boardroom, Americans are often informal and will use first names. Business socialising, drinking and dining is popular in Miami.
Office hours are generally 09:00-17:00, although these can vary slightly from one organisation to the next. When public holidays occur on a weekday or weekend, they are usually celebrated on the nearest Friday or Monday, thereby creating a three-day weekend.
Meetings often take place in social situations and, because of the fast-paced business life of Americans, breakfast meetings are common. Lunch meetings are also popular, sometimes with alcohol. Meetings may also take place over the weekend.

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Now complete the following definitions with words from the text. Follow the example.

Example: Ten years is called a .

1. To a business or an office is to open or start it.
2. The total number of people who work for a company is its .
3. If something is it has variety. This word is similar in Spanish.
4. If your clothes are , you look good and you are probably fashionable and chic.
5. To speak is to be honest and direct.
6. The is the place where the directors of a company hold meetings.
7. is eating dinner usually in a formal way.
8. To means to change or be a little different. The Spanish word for this is similar.
9. is a formal adverb, and in Spanish it means por eso/ello, de ese modo or por esa razón
10.The phrasal verb to means to happen or occur (ocurrir)
11.If something is it goes or moves very quickly.

Ten years is called...
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Read the following text about business meetings.

Holding Effective Meetings

Too many business meetings are badly organised, ineffective, long and boring. Call a meeting only when it's absolutely critical, and structure it carefully so that it achieves its purpose.

- 1. Ask yourself if the meeting is really necessary. Do you only want to pass on information? If so, maybe you could send an email or a memo. If you need to discuss something, can you deal with the matter by conference call?
- 2. If you decide that you need a meeting, make a list of who needs to attend. It’s a good idea to keep the list as short as possible, as large meetings can be more difficult to keep focused. Suggest that people attend only the parts of the meeting that involve them. This saves time and helps to keep to the agenda.
- 3. Decide exactly when the meeting will start and finish. Start the meeting at the correct time, whether or not everyone is present. Avoid taking too much time to summarize for people who come late. Schedule a meeting before lunch, at the end of the day, or immediately before another meeting to prevent it from becoming too long.Diccionario online
- 4. Prepare an agenda and explain the aim of the meeting; if there is more than one aim, decide which ones have priority, and make this clear.
Make sure that everyone has an agenda in advance to allow people to prepare for the meeting.
- 5. Prepare visual aids such as charts, handouts, computer-based presentations or slides.
- 6. Start off the meeting with short, easier issues before discussing longer, more difficult points.
- 7. Give a specific amount of time for each issue, and move through the agenda systematically. Allow for discussion but avoid digression or repetition.
- 8. Pay close attention to the time and if a debate on a particular point becomes too long, postpone discussion until the end of the meeting. Try to cover the other issues on the agenda.
- 9. To follow up, give out copies of the minutes after the meeting to remind everyone of conclusions and action plans.

Read the text again and answer the following questions.

1. What does 'pass on' mean in point number 1?
   a) to communicate
   b) to receive
   c) to discuss

2. According to point 2, should all the people who have been invited to attend the meeting stay there all the time?

3. Should the chairperson wait for people who are late before starting the meeting?

4. Which of the following could you NOT use in place of aim in point 4?
   a) reason (for)
   b) project
   c) purpose
   d) objective

5. Meeting agendas should be given out
   a) during the meeting
   b) after the meeting
   c) only when it’s a long meeting
   d) before the meeting

6. Which expression in the text refers to slides, charts, computer based presentations etc?

7. The expression to pay attention in point 8 means:
   a) pagar a la gente para que te escuchan
   b) prestar atención
   c) mirar solamente a tu reloj
   d) pagar dinero por la duración de la reunión

8. The verb to follow up means:
   a) dar órdenes
   b) comprobar
   c) reiterar
   d) olvidar
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