Choose the best word for each sentence.

1. Physicists have been a series of experiments to find the Higgs boson particle.
2. This job won’t to you unless you enjoy travelling and spending long periods away from home.
3. If you intend to take the company to court, you should first of all legal advice.
4. One thing I really love about my job is that I have plenty of to travel.
5. Pepito’s son is under a lot of pressure from other teenagers in his group to wear the same clothes.
6. The news that we had lost the contract wasn’t unexpected considering the drop in the quality of our customer service last year.
7. She was hired on the of her qualifications and her experience.
8. Pepito is used to doing business in Spain. It’s difficult for him to to working in the North American market.
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Verb Tenses
Choose the best answer to complete the sentences.

1. You’d expect Pepito to be looking tired because really hard for the last month and a half.
2. We left the hotel after lunch and fortunately the rain by then.
3. When I was a child we used to go on holiday to Scotland every year. I think we to Edinburgh seven times.
4. around this area hundreds of times. I know it like the back of my hand.
5. I think people work much harder in the past than they do these days.
6. We in the sun for about five hours with no water, by which time we very dehydrated and quite ill.
7. Pepito beer all day, so it wasn’t surprising that he threw up in the car.
8. So much smoke from our balcony all afternoon that eventually we had to tell our neighbours that we a barbeque and that they were all invited.
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Vocabulary. GIVE, DO and MAKE
Choose the best word for each sentence and write it in the correct form.

1. I’ll meet you in the café. I’ve just got to a quick phone call before I leave the office.
2. Despite her best, I’m afraid Julia just doesn’t have what it takes to be part of our team. She sat through the entire meeting without a single suggestion.
3. If you’re not totally satisfied with our product, we’ll you a full refund.
4. Peptito a wonderful speech at his wedding last weekend.
5. After graduating, I spent a year research in Buenos Aires.
6. If you’d be so kind as to me the details, I’ll make sure the message gets passed on to the director.
7. Our boss has been quite a few changes in the way the company is run.
8. It wouldn’t you any harm to get out in the fresh air once in a while.
9. I was convinced that you wouldn’t want to see me again because the last time we met you me the impression that you didn’t like me very much.
10.I don’t think we should fire her yet. Let’s her one last chance to show us what she’s capable of.
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What do you say?
Choose the best answer to the following comments.

1) Did you know that your son and my daughter travelled around India together when they were teenagers?
    It's up to you. It'll come out in the wash. I've a good mind to. Fancy that!
2) My boss wouldn't let me take any more days off this year. I've already had my holiday allowance and 16 sick days.
    It's your round! I'm not surprised. I don't blame you. Suit yourself.
3) I think it's going to rain, isn't it?
    Well I never! Looks like it. Until the cows come home. So there is.
4) I don't believe you've eaten that last slice of pizza. I was counting on that for my dinner!
    It's up to you. Beats me. How was I to know? You dare!
5) There's a bus and train strike today, but I've asked my dad to pick us up after the concert.
    Just in case. Just as well. Just our luck! Just for kicks.
6) If you don't want to come to Paris with me, I'll just have to find someone who does!
    I'll see to it. Suit yourself! I could do with one. Don't ask me!
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