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 Write the corresponding adjective for each of the following words. Follow the example.

Example: count - countable

1. science –
2. monster –
3. mud –
4. obey -
5. administer –
6. rock -

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In some situations, if can be followed by would, will or going to in the same clause.

Decide which function applies to the following sentences.

1. If it’ll calm you down a bit, I’ll pour you a whisky.
2. If you’d like to take a seat, the doctor will be with you in a moment.
3. If you would only listen to me, I’m sure you’d understand why I did it.
4. If you won’t move your car, I’ll have to phone the police.
5. If we’re going to New York next month, we should apply for a visa now.
6. If you will keep staying up so late, it’s no wonder you can’t get up for school in the morning.
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Some verbs can be followed by a gerund or an infinitive, resulting in a slight change in meaning.

Finish the following sentences and then check to see if you have correctly used a gerund and the infinitive after each verb.

1. GO ON
If I can’t do something, I go on

After winning Wimbledon, Rafa Nadal went on

When I was very young, I remember

Before leaving the office, I have to remember

Before leaving the office, I mustn’t forget

That’s it! I’ve decided to stop

On his way home, he stopped

Having a job means

I have always meant

5. TRY
To save energy, we should try not

To get rid of spyware and mailware on your computer, try

I have always regretted not

Unfortunately, we regret
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Choose the best linking expression to complete the sentences.

1. All flights to and from Detroit have been cancelled the weather.
2. If I were you, I’d take a copy of your passport and insurance documents you lose them.
3. I got up at 5.30 am this morning doing a couple of hours work before breakfast.
4. I bought myself a laptop I can do some work during my long train ride to and from work every day.
5. I think you should take your time developing your mobile phone application, it won’t look professional and it probably won’t work very well.
6. Pepito sent the letter by registered mail to make sure it arrived safely.
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