Vocabulary. Advanced Collocations.
Choose the verb which collocates with the following nouns and noun phrases.

1. truant
 2. your foot in it
 3. a meeting
 4. two and two together
 5. your foot down
 6. a trick (on someone)
 7. down a job
 8. a record
 9. havoc with (something)
10. your feet up.
11. your breath
12. a part in (something)
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Complete the following sentences with a collocation from the previous exercise. You may need to change the verb form.

1. Pepito has worked for 11 different companies since he left university 7 years ago. He finds it very difficult to .
2. Samuel Perkins from Seattle, Washington for eating the most boiled eggs in 5 minutes; 147.
3. I really yesterday when I asked my boss how his wife was. I had no idea she left him last month!
4. It's been a very long day. I can't wait to get home, have dinner and in front of the TV.
5. Those chocolate liquors we got for Christmas are my ulcer.
6. Jonny didn't want to take the the maths test, so he and went to the park instead.
7. I smelt the perfume on his jacket, saw the lipstick on his shirt, and realised he was having an affair.
8. Do you think Pepito will get a promotion at the end of the year?
- Don't . He's only been at the company for 6 months!
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Vocabulary. More animal idioms.
Choose the correct animal to make an English idiom.

1. My dad will never change. You can't teach an old new tricks.
2. I know you don't like confrontation, but you're just going to have to take the by the horns and talk to your boss about it.
3. Don't laugh, but I think Pepito might just get the promotion. I know he's only been here for a few months, but I think he's a real dark .
4. It'll cost us 3,000 euros to develop the application, and I think that's feed when you think how much money we could earn from it.
5. You promised me you'd come with me to Madrid this weekend. Don't your way out of it with some pathetic excuse about having to work.
6. That was a very controversial suggestion Pete made in the meeting. He's certainly put the among the pigeons.
7. Of course Sarah will be there on time. She's such an early that she's usually in the office before 7.
8. Our website has become such a cash . We're making a fortune through internet marketing.
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Grammar - Gerund or Infinitive
Decide whether the verb in brackets should be in the gerund or infinitive form and write it in the space.

She tried (get) back to sleep by listening to a Mansion Ingles podcast.
I remember (take) soft drugs like marijuana when I was at university, but I haven't had any since.
Don't forget (stop) at the chemist on your way home.
We regret (inform) you that the cost of your holiday has increased by 185 euros.
Of course, your new responsibilities will mean (work) on Saturday mornings and occasionally (stay) later in the afternoons.
I dread (think) what his wife's going to say when she finds out. They've only been married 6 months.
Please stop (talk) to me while the football's on. Can't you see I'm trying to watch the game?
Remember (give) your mum a ring tomorrow and ask her how she got on at the hospital.
He came (fly) round the corner on his bike at full speed and nearly knocked me over.
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